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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Happy Birthday to me, Week 2 part 2, and Week 3 part 1!!!

First of all thanks to everyone who sent me cards for my birthday - I have a stunning display up and will pop round to say thank you properly as soon as I can. Am having a quiet day, partly in my craftroom and partly with my DD who has decided to keep me company. This evening I am out with my darling hubby for a quick meal and then to see Bill Bailey at the theatre. Brill!!

OK, now we are back to the Art and Healing course which I am now about 3/4 of the way through. The second part of week 2 was to do a page in our altered books representing a positive outcome from our younger years (or sort of turn something around so it is positive even if it wasn't at the time). I chose to focus on my school days and the positive influence of a lovely lady teacher, Miss Gillian Smith, who was a great encouragement to me - I was a shy little soul back then.

So this is a picture of her and me (looking a bit like I'm about to ascend to the heavens) with a picture of my old school in the background. The words I have chosen to accompany the page are 'Shine your light'. Miss Smith once said to me that I 'shouldn't hide my light under a bushel'. My biblical education being somewhat sketchy at the time, I had no idea what she was talking about, but as the years passed I realised what she meant and I have never forgotten her support and kindness.

The next things was to do our front cover with some photograph altering (loved that!!) and a little tag to go on the front. I couldn't think of a quote to put on the tag but finally I chose one from Dr Seuss: - 'Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you'.

Because I have access to them at work, the book I am using is a recycled board book. The down side of that is that the baby books have seen a lot of love during their shelf life (and drool, chewing and generally been treated with the care and attention you expect from the average toddler). When preparing the back of the book I realised it wasn't going to withstand a lot of prep, so I have made a little pocket out of the last page - not sure what will go in there yet. I still have to make an empathy puppet (might pass on that - there are some great ones about though!!) an affirmation page and something with my personal 'angel'. Because I have so many other things to do at the moment I am going to leave these until the christmas break rather than rush. I also seem to have lost the sound on the computer which makes it a little difficult to follow the videos...

I must also quickly blog a little altered matchbox I have made for a swap on Flickr. It has a little domino book inside and I chose an oriental theme just to not be doing Christmas for half an hour. I have to do displays and activities at two libraries through Nov/Dec as well as my own stuff and sometimes I just need a break...... but I'm still smiling through apermanent sprinkjling of glitter.

Having said that, I'm thinking about doing the twelve tags this year even though I'm already a day behind..... well, if I get at least one done today I might go for it.


Viv's Visuals said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love the domino book. x

Deborah said...

Happy birthday Cindy! Enjoy Bill Bailey - I've seen him live and he is brilliant! As is your healing artwork - great choice of quotes and I love the vivid background. Lovely elegant matchbox too!

Sherry Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Cindy - hope my card arrived on time. Enjoy yourself tonight, sounds like fun!

Love all your course work - especially the altered board book xx

Meggymay said...

Hope you are having a lovely Birthday.
Love the journaling and projects.

Maureen said...

just a little bit belated Happy Birthday Cindy!!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Cindy.... have a good day. Lucky you, seeing Bill Bailey!
Love your journaling.

WendyK said...

Hope you had a fab birthday Cindy, I doubt my card got through the snow in time. Love your journal, it'd brilliant. I just can't get back into mine.

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