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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday #321

Morning Deskers!! Been AWOL again. Where does the time go? Missed two birthdays this week. My oven hasn’t worked for two weeks. Haven’t seen my mum in 10 days. Grass hasn’t been cut and haven't hoovered in a fortnight. Truly don’t understand how I now seem to have less time to do anything compared to when I worked, had two children at home, ran my own business and cared about how the house and garden looked. Must just be getting slower at everything as I get older. Newbies to WOYWW may like to pop here to find out what it’s all about.

Anyhoo I’m reporting in today and here is my desk….


Yep it’s silly season again when I am busy preparing things for my eleven – yep count ‘em – 11 children’s craft activities in the library between now and 12th September. It’s all to support the Summer Reading Challenge which this year is linked to the Guinness Book of Records so we’re thinking big this summer. These little beauties are tyres for our first one – the most difficult but also rather cool – and I decided to make all the wheels up front because they are a bit fiddly and really need to be dry to be attached because……. ……..we are going to make monster trucks!!


I haven’t gone totally mad, some of the other crafts are a lot easier but I like to do at least one activity that gets ‘em talking and whilst I am still enthusiastic (by the end I couldn’t care less if I never saw another pritt stick). Can you believe on top they kinda expected us to do lego workshops as well? They were dropped on us at the last minute and I felt I was entitled to say no, someone else would have to pick up that particular ball….. (even though they are fun! – although I am still not sure what they have to do with libraries…..).

And I know I have said it before, but I think this may be my last summer doing this as we are being re-organised once again and this time my application for VR was the first one in…….. have truly had enough of cuts. re-organisations and pressure and just working so damn hard and doing so much in my own time. Getting too old for all this malarky.

So Happy WOYWW to all. I’m off to design a robot………..

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #318

Been AWOL the last two Wednesdays but home this week on holiday. I have been making my thank you cards after the surprise anniversary party my daughter threw for us at the weekend. Using those great stamps from TH. Yes, I did give in and get them.


Here is the paper bunting my DD made for us (I believe DS was made to help as well) – it was too pretty to throw away and she remembered to get it in before it rained so I have put it up in my craft room for now.


I also made this little guy as a commission. I made him using shapes on my scan n cut – I think he’s rather neat!!


For all the info about WOYWW go here.      Have a great day folks!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What's on Your Work Desk ? Wednesday #315

Blimey, Weds today means it's Thursday tomorrow and I have to go to work. How depressing!!

But morning deskers, I'm here to show what I am up to this week:

Oh yes I have been having inky un with my new prima stamps. Really like this idea, really quick and easy (well all the clever stuff is in the artwork that someone else has done, in this case a talented lady called Jamie Dougherty). And a good way to use up some of my mountains of flowers which, frankly, are getting a little out of hand. But I guess a girl can never have too many flowers in her life.

Just looked at the photo again - these aren't quite finished yet, the still need to be made up into cards and decorated - I'm not doing a silence of the lambs thing with that flower over her mouth. See truly not staged!!

If you don't know why I am sharing this photo then you need to check it out here. I have decided to tackle the bathrooms this morning and then I shall be off for a wander with a nice cuppa. See you around!! Happy WOYWW.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Craftwork Cards Chalkboard

Happy Sunday all. Hope my daughter is having better weather at the IOW Festival!!

Had a little run at this CWC kit last night, but it does feel a bit like just plonking bits on the card.

I feel that I ought to be doing more with it.

Unfortunately when I got this kit I didn't think about getting the toppers. Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the papers and the colours, I'm struggling a bit - there's only so much I can do with just a few frames as a focal point and there is very little contrast between the papers in the pad itself. Also I find the words designed to be in the frames are on the whole a bit too mushy for me to use on cards so I may have to try and make some of my own (and you all know how much I loved that chalkboard technique) but in the meantime decided to mix and match with some other bits and bobs.

Here's one using a die cut heart and cutting out a little square from the papers.

And I thought this teen image from Indigo Blu went well with this graphic style sheet. Just asking for a big blue 16 me thinks.

I tried out a little gorjuss girl in one of the frames.

I have a few more ideas, may play a bit more with this kit today as my gardening plans have been rained off - or will I be playing with my new prima stamps? Mmmm, have to wait and see!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

If I'd known where I was going....

I blogged a week or so ago about my new prima Bloom Girl stamps. (My others have arrived today and they are HUGE!!) At that time I also played around with a more arty/MM technique I saw on utube but I wasn't really in the mood that day and left my attempt in my burgeoning WIP box. This morning I decided I really had to open my Craftwork Cards Chalkboard paperkit and actually make a few cards with it. After putting a couple together, out of the corner of my eye I saw that the colours kinda matched the arty splodges I had used with my prima stamp. So using up scraps I mounted it up on a kraft card and made some flowers. And guess what, this is the one today I really like!! Go figure.

Oh, and in case you think I've lost the plot, I know she looks a bit all over the place by that is kinda the point!! 

Monday, 8 June 2015

10 days and counting......

Since I got this dreadful bug. The coughing is just wearing me out. So much for my week off to catch up at home and do the gardening! In between coughing fits today I did manage to finish two commission cards for special birthdays.

Oh well, onwards and upwards.

Friday, 5 June 2015

A handbag?

Made these today, quite pleased with how they came out.

Still feeling a bit sorry for myself, the coughing, when it starts, absolutely knocks me for six and I have been quite breathless this afternoon. This is why I don't like getting colds, always end up in my chest and throat.:0( .

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