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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? WOYWW # 574

Well I am just going to start with the perpetual moan - how come the weeks go so fast? You would think in lockdown that boredom would have set in but no, I haven't really found that to be the case although there is an element of Groundhog day creeping into my life. But hey ho, here we are again, it's cooler today and although my day has had nothing but interruptions so far (good ones!!) I am finally in the craft room and determined to get some 'stuff' done. Which sentence made me smile, thinking of a friend I just spoke to who said she'd like to go back to  the begining of lockdown and start again because she hadn't achieved anything yet. 

So this week, because I am playing with my new phone, and my craft room is reasonably tidy, and I haven't subjected you to a loooong post in a while, we have a threefer photograph wise.

First, this is my computer desk area where I construct these wonderful WOYWW posts. 

As you can see it is perfectly ergonomically correct lol. The three drawer cabinet on the left is full of ribbon. FULL OF. The boxes on top of the printer are the cards I am going to send out/store, notebooks, ink cartridges and recycled envelopes. The box you can just see to the right of the pc is WIP Box 3 which I am currently working on. The rest is fairly self explanatory I would think. Honestly it looked much tidier through the camera lens. And something there especially for you Jan.

This is my work desk, with the good views and light. Yesterdays WIPS - why on earth did I think a parrot die would be a good idea? - three little glossy accent noses drying on the doggies. That weird thing at the back is my atc holder - it's usually full of the current year's WOYWW swap ATCs but of course 2019's are all in the folder. 

This is my main desk which juts into the centre of the room and where I regularly make a HUGE mess. It's also what I use when I have visitors who like to craft and I can even pull it out a bit bigger (but then we can't move much!!)  You can see 4 of my die cut machines over to the left and my scan n cut to the right behind my cuppa. Five? That's not too many is it? (huh Try 12, you just can't see them all) . My desk is all set up for overhead video mode (please don't laugh) as I have one to do today. Look at that EMPTY box on the chair. That was WIP box 2. 

And finally, just because I mentioned it last week, here is what I did with those makeup cut outs that were on my desk .

Why am I telling you all this? Because it's WOYW Wednesday, the day when we go for a wander around the desks of the great and the good courtesy of the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground. Pop on over and join in why don't ya?

Happy WOYWW, stay home if you can, 
stay well, 
stay safe, 

Cindy xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - WOYWW #573

It's Wednesday again. I know I am repeating myself. But this has been yet another week that has simply flown, I really am staggered by the speed of life passing by when I'm not even doing anything.

What have I to report? Well, to be honest, I finished off, as far as I can (LLJ reminding you here about photographs!!) the ATC scrapbook I showed you last week but I have really achieved very little else since then. I am about to embark on my 3rd box of WIPs (centre stage on my desk) and I admit enthusiasm to start this is a little low right now. It's been so lovely weatherwise I have taken to just sitting in the garden reading for several hours each day. Lots of family games of Skip-bo, Settlers (aka 'sheep') and Mexican Train. Plus lots of watering of pots. Because all of my water butts are completely empty (waiting for that shoe to drop) and my hose doesn't reach quite to the end of the garden (and in any event is a right pain to unravel) I use a watering can but it necessitates several trips up and down each day. 

Well, it's one way to get my steps in and I consider lugging the full cans weight bearing exercise. You have to look for the positives.

Still busy with the odd little project on my rather drab looking desk. I did manage to cut out a load of makeup images for a birthday card I will share with you in a couple of weeks and I have a commission for a 90th birthday card to get on with. So far I have put the box together, the rationale being that as I have no idea yet what to do with the card and making up boxes always irritates me I am getting it out of the way. When inspiration strikes I'll have already done the boring bit.  It's not needed until August so hardly pressing. I still have video requests to fulfil, and now I am in possession of a shiny new phone hope to get that done as a priority as it's been dragging on for weeks as I fought with recalcitrant technology. The wedding invites are on the back burner, as it looks like we may be delaying till next year. A disappointment for my future DIL and just to top off her week her cat was injured and had to be put to sleep. I so wanted to give her a hug when she popped over for a bit of socially distant socialising.  But despite all the above we continue healthy and harmonious in our little family bubble and I managed to go and chat to mum in the garden last Friday. I'm planning to pop to a friend's to do the same some time this afternoon. Have thermos, folding chair and brownies. What more does one need? 

Why am I telling you all this? Because it's WOYW Wednesday, the day when we go for a wander around the desks of the great and the good courtesy of the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground. Pop on over and join in why don't ya?

Happy WOYWW, Stay safe, stay well.


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #572 - The Anniversary Challenge!!

Well, here we are again on this special Wednesday which marks 11 years of the WOYWW bloghop. Pretty amazing huh? This was the idea of the lovely Julia who hosts over at The Stamping Ground - do go over to find out all about it and even join in if you wish.

We normally do an ATC swap, but this year Julia has challenged us to finish something we have been putting off - a UFO or WIP and do a little show and tell. Recent readers will know I have been battling with my WIP boxes - nearly finished number 2! - so this is a challenge dear to my heart.
So what have I got for you?

It's a WOYWW scrapbook for the ATCs I have received over the years.. I started it last year, around this time but it got set aside, mainly because I thought I had misplaced some of the ATCs. After re-visiting the project, and some prowling through old blog posts of my own and Julia's I realised that it wasn't that I had misplaced them, I was MIA for a huge chunk of time and didn't take part!! I don't really know the reason why, some of it I know was blogger and IT related but such a complete and comprehensive absence is a little baffling to me to say the least!

Anyhow, here are a couple of pages, you might recall some of these.

I have also included the 'crops' although my photos are pretty pants - if anyone has a good group photo for 2013, 2014 or 2015 (can't believe that was the last time I made it) do let me know.

Not the most creative thing I have done, but a very satisfying bit of wandering down Memory Lane. And whilst I can't entirely explain that long period of absence, I do know that this group represents the very best of internet friendships and that on any forays I have made back into the fold I have instantly been made to feel very welcome. The book isn't quite finished, I need to add some dates and doodles and a heading but there is space for another year or two......

Have a wonderful anniversary WOYWW, Stay well, stay safe.....

Cindy xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

What's On Your Work Desk ? Wednesday #571

Morning Deskers!!

Hope you are all well and keeping safe, especially those that are working or will be venturing back to work in the next few weeks. Strange times we are in indeed. Still well here, been nice to have DD home (haven't had to cook for a week) and if it weren't for all that is going on in the world would have been a rather pleasant week.

Here is my desk yesterday afternoon:

Took a bit of a break from the WIP boxes and the craft room this week but did decide to finally finish these MM cards that have been floating around for about 6 months. Didn't take me long when I finally sat down to do it. I also found a box that was filled with a 'quick cards and tags' kit from probably over 12 years ago and resolved to just make them up so they could go in my fund raising box for later this year. It  included some gift voucher holders and envelopes which are quite nice. All done - with just a few tweaks - so another box I can lose from my craft room. Not really something I would buy these days - anyone else recognise it? Probably from QVC in those days. Now, if I finally crack the old Dawn Bibby stuff I really will  be motoring......

Highlight of this week in the garden has been the fledgling sparrows who sit on the fence and squawk at mum and dad to feed them. So cute!!

We had a nice socially distant get together for an hour or so with the neighbours (on our respective driveways) to celebrate VE day. Was a really pleasant evening and gave everyone a boost I think.

Doing a series of  video on youtube for my local library service and the first one went up this week- if you click through I sound really weird at the beginning as I was trying not to cough!! But it took such blood sweat and tears to get that far I couldn't bear to do it again. It's been a technology war this week not helped by the fact that my phone was full of uncleared rubbish which my DD has kindly sorted so a reminder to everyone who uses theirs a lot more in these unusual times to check their settings and storage as you may need to take some action to free up space or your phone may just decide not to co-operate!!

So time's awasting, can't believe I haven't uploaded this post yet, its already 11 and I'm still in PJs! If you want to find out about the WOYWW weekly blog hop then pop over to The Stamping Ground and join in.

That's all from me this week, stay home if you can, stay safe, and stay well. And alert of course!!

Happy WOYWW xx

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - #570

First apologies - I didn't get all the way round last week, something distracted me. A nice afternoon? I certainly didn't go anywhere. I meant to get back, but somehow the week just flew past again. Never mind a slower pace, my days still seem to speed by in a blur.

I hope you are well or recovering if you haven't been, and in a good place this beautiful morning. Do get in touch if you need a chat, or a boost, or a moan - heaven knows we all do at one time or another.

I am pleased to report that WIP Box no 1 is completed. Here is my desk, with all the cards I have made so far, around 80, ready to be matched up with envelopes, bagged and put away. It's quite an impressive result but of course now I have a storage issue of a different kind. Can't please some people can you?

That was a bit of a marathon, so I am going to have a break from WIPs for a couple of days - although I might check out the one I have planned for our anniversary post. This might be a good point to add a link to our leader the wonderful Julia at Stamping Ground where you can join in this weekly blog hop and check out the details.

Other positive things of note this week include:
-  my mother managed a skype call. I pretty much just saw the top of her head but still.
- I worked out how to upload a landscape video to FB etc. (Thanks for all the suggestions, the answer is record via an app called horizon).
- I bagged a supermarket delivery slot.
- I received 2 great pieces of happy mail.
-  hubby put my mosaic on the wall (12 months. That's all I'm saying).
- my daughter came home to us on Sunday. Her partner, who she was isolating with, returned to work on Monday. Technically she is less exposed being with us, who don't go anywhere. More to the point, she's offered to do the cooking. Downside - The prosecco store is depleted already.

We should have been flying off to Edinburgh on Friday for my DIL to be's hen do. This is possibly the only thing that I have really been upset about missing, not for myself as some of the planned activities (cocktail making aside) would have been a mental and physical challenge - but I do of course feel for her and of course the wedding itself, although not till September, is still far from a done deal.  However, I expect we'll do something virtual over the weekend - not sure what yet.

Sorry for the long post, I always intend to be brief but never seem to stick to that. In my defence, I don't get much chance to chat these days......

Happy WOYWW. Stay home if you can, stay safe, stay well. xx

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday # 569

It has to be said - It's Wednesday AGAIN?

Morning all, hope you are all well and surviving safe at home. Looks to be a reasonable day here in London, cloudy but bright at the mo. We are all doing fine, not in much of a routine just taking each day as it comes.

Here is my desk this week, ever so slightly staged.

I have decided I really must crack on with those WIP boxes this week. I feel like I'm producing loads but not making much of a dent in it. Big box to right is WIP box no 1. Basket to left and cards on table the fruits of my labour. There are more, they have gone away already. Front right, happy mail and my reward. Yes I cracked and bought a couple of things....

I still have at least 3 more WIP boxes. By the end of today I may have to do some judicious re-arrangement so I can say I have finished the first one. I may be only fooling myself but it will help my motivation. I seriously thought I could whip this into shape in a couple of weeks. Talk about underestimating the size of the problem!!

And I've still got wedding invites to finish.....

Why am I telling you this? Because it's WOYW Wednesday, the day when we go for a wander around the desks of the great and the good courtesy of the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground. Pop on over and join in why don't ya?

That's all from me, stay home, stay safe, stay well. Happy desking!! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

What's On Your Workdesk - Wednesday #568

Oh crikey it's Wednesday again? Even under lockdown I can't seem to stem the furious pace of time. Apologies to those of you suffering loneliness and general fed upedness in the face of this long period of isolation - I know its really tough. But somehow the days are not dragging for me and, whilst I have no particular desire to knock myself out trying to complete it, the 'to do' list is growing rather then shrinking. My personal experience of this situation aside, I do hope you are well, safe and happy - if not, do reach out, I can be a sympathetic ear even if I can't offer much in the way  of practical help.
So, to the desk.

I am going to do a super quick video for my craft group about glue gun texture. You can see my prep
pieces on my desk as it's my next task for today. It's a bit of a bodge job as I am using watercolour to add colour because it's still on my desk and I can't find my black paint so I'm having to improvise with some not-really-black metallic paint. The card in the centre is my finished sample so it kinda turned out OK. You will  note that whilst I have a large desk, I am in fact working in a six inch square. Some things never change.

Now, a quick shout out to some of my more nerdy visitors. I have an old iphone, 6s I believe. It takes OK videos. BUT, when I upload to FB or Insta it turns my landscape recording into a portrait upload. Now this is not the end of the world and there are plenty of videos out there that are the same. I have tried all sorts of things to remedy this including a couple of apps but that's not really the problem and I have taken to recording portrait style. But it's a niggle because I don't understand why. It would actually be a relief to be told - oh you can't sort that with that old phone because then I would know I haven't missed something blindingly obvious. So, any thoughts?

Meanwhile I am spending a lot of time in the garden which is coming along nicely. When I say spending time in the garden I do of course mean sitting in a chair reading. Occasionally when I'm sitting I write out lists of plants and bulbs to order. Someone has to see the bigger picture. Once a day I might adopt a Gertrude Jekyll type stance with watering can and floppy hat and tour the space with my full time gardener tagging along behind so I can dish out instructions. Works for me.

So that's me for another week. Stay home, stay safe, stay well.

Happy WOYWW!!

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