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Friday, 18 February 2011


Wowee, all over again for another year. I have barely scratched the surface of OWOH myself as I have had the most awful cold - I have managed to get to work but sitting at the pc with streaming eyes and nose has been a no no. So, after painting that lovely image, all I need to do now is announce the winners of my door prizes.

Firstly the winner of the 'diptych' is Aimee of Misty Moon Creations.

The second prize, the heart book
goes to Sussie - Hiya!!! - from Sweden. Also known as lotusblossom, her blog is here. I first met Sussie through Flickr, but she often comments on my bits and pieces - I konw I don't always get time to reciprocate Sussie but I love hearing from you!!

Finally, the little box of die cuts goes to Kimberley of Numinosity. Hope it will be useful!!

Sadly, this was to be the last year of One World One Heart. Many of us were lamenting the passing of a wonderful blogging event (with prizes - what's not to like?) that has come to brighten up the dull days after Christmas, and for many of us a bright spot in the winter months. And indeed, it seems OWOH will be no more.....But,

DO NOT DESPAIR!! The wonderful Lisa is organising a fantastic new venture

You can sign up right now to receive details as they become available so if you enjoyed OWOH, and you have an artistic passion that you wish to share why not pop over and do just that?

Finally, thank you for everyone who came to see me during the last few weeks, I am slowly replying to all your comments and promise I will get round to everyone eventually (when the eyes stop streaming lol).

I'd also like to remind you that I hold a giveaway every month on this blog so I hope you will come back and play. The giveaway for March will be set up a little differently, so if you are up for a challenge, I hope to see you again at the beginning of March (if not before!!).

Hugs Cindyxx


Sussie said...

WOW! Thank you Cindy! This is a really wonderful surprise! :)
OWOH has been a very hectic but fun journey through cyberspace!

I wish you a very nice and perhaps creative weekend!

bockel24 said...

Hi Cindy, I´ve sent you a reply on your e-mail concerning an ATC trade on Feb 18, did you receive it? if not, it´s probably in your spam folder ... Marion

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