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Monday, 29 September 2008

And yet another friendship book....

You may recall I said there was another friendship book to post - this was for my friend Sherry who loves vintage sewing. Unfortunately, I don't really have any sewing stamps or 'bits' so instead I did a collage book using some vintage actress images. I had pulled them together some time ago for another challenge but as so often happens I never actually had time to put them together. Sherry has now returned from her holiday and seen this so I can post the pictures for all to see.

I also see from my messages that I've been tagged although I have no idea what that means. Will have to email joey - who I met on Saturday, more about that later - to find out!!

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Sherry said...

Your photos don't do it justice Cindy - it's FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks again for the beautiful gift xx

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