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Monday, 1 September 2008

Keeping up...

no not appearances, just keeping up with everything that needs doing. Because I kind of got in to the sketching thing on holiday, I decided I would like to do more drawing and sketching, not least because I'm finding the daily art cards quite a strain to do as collaged, stamped and embossed etc etc etc ATCs so though I might change how I approach the DAC challenge. I am determined not to give up! However, I am in a dilemma at the moment because having taken on additional hours at one job, my garden design seems to be picking up (weird, bad summer and recession, not a situation you would think could fuel a growth in the landscaping sector). Taking on all the jobs I've been asked to do would seriously curtail my art time. What's a girl to do?

So......... in the interim I bought a really cheap sketch book, so at least I can complete my DAC challenge easily and keep all my sketches in one place. But because it was a really cheap one with a horrible bright blue cover I spent two really pleasant evenings this week covering the front and back with a selection of collage images. I was quite pleased with the results and it's something now I like to turn to. Of course another reason is that I will be able to find it - in a house which is completely covered in notebooks and paper things have to stand out!!



Loving your note book Cindy. and what a great idea, to do sketch ATC's, they will be brilliant. Much more personal than the other kinds.

Creative Chaos said...

Love your blog !!! Hope you don't mind if I link you in my blogroll !
Patti xx

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