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Monday, 29 December 2008

In the weeks before Christmas..........

I made a few things for friends as pressies, some Christmassy some not, but like most of us was unable to keep the blogging up to date. However, I WAS crafting my socks off so now all the presents have been received and opened here are some of the things I managed to get done.

I made some calendars using slide mailers and jumbo jigsaw pieces.

The mailer one has space for an ATC which can be changed whenyou get bored.

I also did some hanging tree ornaments using doms and stampboard.

and I made a tissue box holder for a special someone who is always getting emotional (nothing to do with the wine lol)

I must apologise for this messy layout, I can't seem to edit this post at the moment and my pictures keep disappearing (think I preferred it when it just showed as code, I knew where I was then) which is a right royal pain as I wanted to get something blogged today, so I may will have to come back later. And if you received something else from me that I haven't featured here I have either lost the picture or I can't show it yet as it will give something else away lol!!


Genie said...

Hi Cindy
hope you had a great xmas, love your calendars and ornaments

Sherry said...

You've made some beautiful gifts Cindy - and I love the one you sent me x

Sherry said...

oops, I should have added that I liked my calendar so much I made some of my own too! Thanks for the inspiration.

Belinda said...

Hi Cindy love the great tissue box. I just wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy new year, I hope its all you wish for. Belinda

Femmy said...

beautiful work Cindy!! Love the calendar and the box!! such great images.
love to swap too!
Happy new Year to you and yours.

Jinny Holt said...

Wow you really were busy Cindy-- and i reconise one of those pressies-thank you very muchly xxxx
I have promised to go on blogger at least once a week- fingers crossed lol

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