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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

In the weeks before Christmas....(Take 2)

Didn't get to do everything I wanted the other day as the site seemed a bit flaky - or could have been 'cos youngest was shooting em up via the wireless - who knows?

Anyhow, during the pre Christmas mayhem (is it really all over for another year?) I really struggled to keep up with my Daily Art Cards but dutifully left them all to be sorted and uploaded at a quiet time. When I sat down on Monday I was horrified to discover it was nearly six weeks worth! Boy do I regret not doing them as I went along now!! So far have only managed to upload until 10th December - about half way - into my flickr album (Check it out if you want to trade) the rest will have to wait until the weekend. by when, of course, there will be another week's worth. Anyway, these are a few that I think turned out OK from the latest batch.

Whilst doing this batch I was playing around with image transfers again - I had a sheet of images
that had printed out really badly but I found that they looked OK as image transfers - the 'banding' from the printer sort of disappeared in with the general distressyness. Just to say - never throw ANYTHING away!! However the one above is a collage - and you can see it wasn't a very good print. This turned into quite a nice composition, I wish I had used a better original.

When I was doing the 'admin' for this last one I realised it was my 500th ATC this year. (Yeah I know, I should get a life). I really like this lady's 'come hither' look and when it was finished I had to call this one 'Forever Amber' - does anyone else have memories of secretly reading their mum's copy? So, in honour of this dubious achievement this one will be given away as a RAK possibly with a little extra something for the 'lucky' winner. To enter leave a comment and THE NAME OF THE AUTHOR and I will do a draw on Sunday morning.

Well that's me for today, although I have something else I'm really pleased with to showcase which I shall probably upload tomorrow. Off to play with my melt pot (At last!!)

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all that you would wish for yourself in 2009 but above all that you have health, happiness and unlimited creativity in the coming year.

Cindy xxx


Genie said...

Happy New Year Cindy
author of Forever Amber is Kathleen Winsor
will catch up with your ATC's on Flickr

Cat said...

I love the birds!! The first is particularly good :) Happy New Year!

Artyfax said...

never throw anything away? Sandra would have kittens if she looked around my craft (loft)space. But things do come in handy in the most unforseen ways

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