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Monday, 23 November 2009

More puzzles......

Phew, feel pretty good today as I finished the rest of the pieces for the puzzle swap. I really didn't want that hanging over to the end of the month as I know time is going to speed up in the rush towards Christmas very, very soon!!

This first pair had a theme of 'funky fish'. The fish on the left have been made using angelina fibres. Kinda worked, my fish stamp isn't the best for that technique, but gave me some nice shiny fish and I couldn't resist adding the googly eyes!! I did a very rough coating of embossing powder over both of them to give a watery effect.

The next theme was sparkly numbers. So, used all sorts of paints, holographic embossing powders and lots of gold and bling - hope they are OK!! We have 'Perfect 10' and '42', my favourite number.

The final theme for this swap was 'painterly, lots of layers, Lyn Perella style'. I have a book by Lynn Perella but still had to do a bit of research to try and pin down the style - I'm not sure I've got it quite right but I actually like the end result. I found it quite hard to do at this size, might try this 'style' out with a larger piece, can't really do much dripping and paint flinging on a puzzle piece.

AND FINALLY..... managed to doanother page for my art journal - Summer for the letter S. Had a real problem with this as I started the page and did some textural technique with gesso some weeks ago, and couldn't remember what exactly I had intended to do. However we got there in the end, not a bad piece but I feel this would have been better as a single page with everything closer together. Still, gave me the opportunity to practice my writing and... in the ever ongoing search for the perfect black marker.... I used a CD writer on this one. Worked really well, even my sharpies tend to give up after a couple of words over my layers of paint and inks. Not the finest tip in the world though but still pretty good, I shall have to look out for another one.

Bye for now!!


The Scrappy Tree said...

Love the fish! The layered pieces are just gorgeous too :)

Renee (nayski) said...

beautiful, beautiful pieces!

roc said...

wonderful puzzle pieces! they are just great.

Cheryl said...

more great puzzel pieces hun love the colurs you have used too love cheyrl x

Carolands said...

Love these Cindy. How is your eye now are you better?

Carol x

Viv's Visuals said...

Great puzzle pieces Cindy.. glad you're up to crafting!

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