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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Am I mad? (Don't answer that question.....)

I have just agreed to take on additional hours at the library and from next week will be working an extra two days so almost a full week, especially given the length of some of my days!! I have really been feeling unfocussed lately and although I enjoyed the extra free time in the summer I am now starting to miss life being as hectic as when I was gardening and designing. I'm hoping that putting myself under pressure will have a good effect on my art......

Here's a little altered Cd I knocked up for the UK Art Raffle. You may recall I recently lamented its closure, but 'princess kitten' has stepped up and offered to run the raffle. So it has a new home here and is in desperate need of more supporters!!! The October theme is 'hubble bubble toil and trouble'. So I did a pumpkin (of course). Well there's a witch on the back. Sorry don't really get this obsession with Halloween every year.

However, if we don't get a few more participants I can't see it carrying on so if you've got a spare halloween themed card or ATC why not join in?

Oh well, off to tidy up my art room now as I am starting a new on-line workshop 'the heart of art' which I am really excited about. The course is about self healing through art and will include a variety of things such as backgrounds, whimsical characters, a puppet(!!) altering a board book and generally having some fun. It has been developed by TAM of 'Willowing and Artist Friends'. This particular course is being run for free, but Tam does other courses (available on CD!!), and U tube demos. I love her work and from what I know of her Tam is a wonderful generous spirit. But then, don't you find most arty people are??


Carol said...

I love that stamp Cindy. I know what you mean about being hectic, sometimes it can have a better effect on you than when you have loads of time on your hands. I now work 26hrs in a shop as well as still being self-employed and time is so precious now, but a bit more organised :)

Carol x

princesskitten said...

thank you for joining in with the UK Art Raffle - and don't fret I will do my very best to get it back up to the old levels. All comments and ideas welcome.

I love your altered cd - I have saved a stack of old cds 'cos I know they will be useful 'one day' - and never know what to do with them :-)

Thanks for the posting

Netty said...

Thank you for my prize Cindy it arrived Saturday, such a fab picture. Enjoy your week, Annette x

Sussie said...

Very cool!

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