Sunday 6 March 2011

March Giveaway - with a twist and a PIF...

First things first. Apologies, I said I would upload this Saturday and it is Sunday. I missed Saturday. I slept. Because if I wasn't asleep I was coughing. I have been coughing since Tuesday. Now I am sneezing as well. I am not impressed. A three week cold that gets worse instead of better? Enough said.
Anyhow, here is the giveaway, a paper fan. It was the prototype for the one I have made for a swap (will be subject of another post as not quite finished yet) but it turned out better than expected. I do confess that I have had to repair the ribbon twice due to over enthusiastic fan snapping and opening whilst prancing round the room but what can I say, I'm just a big kid at heart!! Just to be clear, everyone who leaves a comment on this post before 8.00 pm on Sunday 27th March will be entered for the March draw.

Now here's the twist. A little something extra for you to play for if you so wish. This month I am also inviting you to take part in PAY IT FORWARD. I would like you to consider how much pleasure you get from receiving something someone has created with love and care in the post. Well I certainly do, which is one of the reasons I started my monthly giveaway. But as well as receiving, you can be the person who makes someone else feel good!! So, essentially I am promising to send one of my creations to the first five people who indicate that they wish to take part in PIF. Their commitment is to post about it on their own blogs and do the same. The simplest way to indicate that you want to join in is to say so in your message on this post but I will happily respond to emails or messages elsewhere. There will be no set time limit on the PIF, and if we don't have five people by the time the March giveaway is closed I will place it somewhere in the header so you can find it easily.

These are the items I have put aside for the PIF gifts. There is an altered canvas which I blogged about here. There is also a mermaid themed altered slide mailer which uses the papers and stamps I won at Alter It Monthly.

Another gift will be a little paper 'book' containg 4 collaged ATCs featuring vintage children.

I have also included a vintage tag blogged here, and finally a masculine themed tag book using canvas tags.

I will select a gift at random each time anyone joins in with PIF, so although you can see what I have made, there is still an element of suprise!!

I hope all that is clear, don't forget EVERY COMMENT WILL GO INTO THE MARCH GIVEAWAY DRAW FOR THE FAN. There is NO obligation to join in with Pay It Forward. International Players welcome, please feel free to link from your own blogs.

Right, I'm back to bed.


Karen said...

Hi Cindy. This is a lovely idea isn't it? Its always a real treat to recieve someone else's work & you have some beautifully crafted pieces there. I would love to join in with this, thank you my lovely xxx

maska said...

You have a lovley blog.
Lovely PIF.and give away gifts.
Beautiful ATC.

Anonymous said...

muito bom excelente!

Sherry said...

Hope you're feeling better now Cindy, that sounds awful what you've had.

LOL at the image of you prancing around with your fan - which looks lovely by the way.

I don't want to commit to PIF at the moment, although all your gifts look wonderful and I am sorely tempted, but must resist!

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