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Thursday, 4 April 2013

April Art Draw - Beeswax Collage (aka Should have gone to specsavers.........)

Oh boy oh boy have I been loving watching Hels Sheridan on C & C this week. All credit to the station they really gave her a chance to give the meltpot a work out and show us loads of inspiring stuff. So, being the owner of a meltpot that has been gathering dust for over a year I thought I would have a go. Sorted out my bits and pieces, got all my materials ready, found the project pan, googled to check the temp for the wax, put the wax in, fired up the meltpot, started brushing my wax...........
er, that's not right, it's all sticky. What is going on?

Cue blond moment of mega proportions. (I blame the hairdresser, these highlights are supposed to hide my grey bits not my common sense).

Here is my pot of wax.

Except of course it isn't wax.

It's UTEE Flex.

Ooops. Don't do this at home folks.

Well, half an hour later we were ready to rock and roll again. and here it is. My little beeswax project inspired by Hels although almost certainly not as accomplished. (You really can't see the bits where I added the Flex.....)

This is the giveaway for April, if you want to be in with a chance of 'winning' leave a comment before 9.00 pm on Monday April 29th. International players welcome, please feel free to link from your own blogs (if you let me know you have I'll put you in the draw twice).

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Anonymous said...

aw looks good i dont think i have a blog but my email is

Angy B said...

This is beautiful Cindy. So different and very elegant. Angy xx

Fuchsia said...

Its Fabulous Cindy !
Hasnt Hels been great :0)
Have ordered a few bits of wax and stuff to encourage me to get mine out too LOL

chrissies said...

It looks amazing Cindy. I am all set up with my melt pot and beeswax ready to have a go but need to do some research before I dive in lol.

Would love to own your fabulous piece and thank you for the chance to win it

Love Chrissie xx

Viv's Visuals said...

Gorgeous piece Cindy! (As with all your stuff would love it....!)

Hels Sheridan said...

**snorts, rolls in laughter, wipes away tears** And that is just what I did, seriously, I DID EXaCTLY the same thing when I first got my pot... glad I am not the only blonde one.. thing is, I carried on with it, not realising I was doing it wrong lol Anyways, I LOVE YOUR CREATION!!! It is gorgeous and I am chuffty tuffty that you enjoyed the shows and were inspired... thank you!!! and... Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

Meggymay said...

Looks amazing Cindy. Loved reading about the blonde moment.

Ria Gall said...

Blonde moment or no blonde moment you have done a fantastic job on this. It is so pretty and it's great to know that the melt pot is now in use. Lovely

soccermom23 said...

This is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. I published a link on my blog. I don't own a melting pot and have done nothing with beeswax. Who knows, maybe I will want to start.

Fandhmum said...

What a lovely project this has turned out to be, beautiful.
Rosie x

Donna Jean Eno said...

Beautiful project. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing your experience, it will help those of us who have still not opened our melting pots.

Alexa said...

So Funny Cindy!! Those blonde moments are what makes life! Your project still looks fab despite the lack of wax!! x

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