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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WOYWW # 104 - the 2nd anniversary

Well not really a second anniversary for me, as I'm an intermittent participant at best. But I do love a good celebration, so I am joining in this week. This is how my desk looks at the moment:

Mmmm. Lots of product on display but basically the same artwork that was there last week. Perhaps the other direction looks better....
Perhaps not. I think I was looking for something last night. The floor doesn't look much better.

Aah, at last. Some WIP, an altered book, a hanging and last month's giveaway packaged up to post out. All for some reason sitting on the printer (the only clear space left?). A cannibalised mouse (I had to take the batteries out to go in the camera) and a cup of tea that's probably been there two days. What a slob.

No idea what I'm talking about? Well hop on over to Julia's blog to join in with this crazy weekly blog hop to check out other people's work desks (and perhaps feel good about your own!!) that has been running now for two years - congratulations Julia!! Why not join in, you never know who you might meet!!

ADDENDUM: OR WHATEVER....a quick apology. Like many others I am having persistent problems with blogger and leaving comments on other people's blogs. I am trying various fixes with fairly inconsistent results so I do apologise for not being able to get round to see many people. Well, I look, but I can't always comment. It is driving me quietly crazy, am praying for a quick fix but this has been going on for weeks now. If you are one of those affected (according to blogger a small percentage(?!) you will know what I mean. But you probably won't be able to leave me a comment to tell me lol.


Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

ooh great looking desk :)) lol and am I the recipient of oyur pif, I wonder?
Happy woyww anniversary

Helen said...

good luck with blogger. love your desk - from all angles, it looks packed with lovely stash!

Wipso said...

I'm a day late but just wanted to wish you a happy WOYWW 2nd birthday. I feel so lucky to have so many creative friends.
Happy crafting.
A x

Electra said...

Hi Cindy, I'm your partner for the WOYWWed PIF!
Meaning that I SEND you my card.
Here's a tip that I found-when you sign into blogger, uncheck the box marked "stay signed in" and then sign in. Since I've done that, I've been able to leave comments with no problems.
You can contact me through my blog-have a funny day!

Shazsilverwolf said...

Great pics- I posted on my blog that I have had so much trouble with Blogger over the last couple of weeks, some days I couldn't even sign in. Then I updated my Firefox browser to the new version 4, and it has worked perfectly ever since.Happy WOYWW, heres to many more

Laura said...

Happy 2nd anniversary, your desk has a lot of organisation but like me you get in a little bit of a guddle with keeping all sorts of things. Have a lovely weekend I think the weather is meant to be good. Laura

Doone said...

crickey me you are joining the ranks of us messiest Ones,


happy 104

Nicks said...

Hello you - a wonderful wonderful workspace - but I had you down as ultra tidy!!

Angie said...

Yeah ...this is what my space used to look like ...give me a month and all will be back to my normal chaos lol

fairyrocks said...

Nice big room full of potential,
Keep smiling and creating

SueH said...

I’m making a really big effort to get around everyone seeing as it’s a special week. Mind you it’s taking forever and I have a bit of a numb bum now so It’ll be back to my random visits next week I think. I just don’t know how some people manage it every week.

There seems to be lot going on in your workspace Cindy and your desks and floor look wonderful….just like most of the rest of ours. Lol!

Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
Happy Crafting!

Nicky said...

There is lots going on your desk - hope you have sorted blogger I had been having problems too - but everyone has already suggested what worked for me - Happy WOYWW Anniversary

Debs said...

oooh my kind of crafty mess!
Happy #2 WOYWW anniversary xxx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Have had bigger piles but I hate it when the floor starts to be cluttered!! Sometimes theres no other choice. Hope the tip of unchecking helps you. Don't need that frustration anymore.

okienurse said...

Love your desk. Lots of fun things to snoop about in and play with. Yummy! Sorry I am so late getting around but it was a busy week. Happy WOYWW #104 and the 2nd anniversary of blog snooping! Thanks for sharing Vickie #55

Pam said...

I know what you mean blogger is driving me crazy too! Happy WOYWW I'm a litle late this week. Hugs Pam x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oooh no, norra slob - after all tidiness is for less busy people!!! And yes, I often tell myself I was looking for something. It does always seem worse in a phot, so don't be worrying!!

Sussie said...

My craftroom looks like that too!
I wish some organizer could come to my place and make it look tidy and clean and everything in perfect order... I´m too lazy!

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