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Monday, 26 September 2011

More ATCs......

Had a nice week (well, apart from the toothache saga but hopefully that's all sorted now). Made these three ATCs for a swap where the Woman's face had to be the  main focus of the ATC.
But while I was at it I kind of got  into a bit of a splodgy, inky messy place.... initially I was just trying to use up some of the ATC sized card I have cut out from when I used to make an ATC a day (remember the 365 project? LOL, that seems ages ago). I was also trying to use up some of my STUFF, of which I have, ahem, rather a lot...... guilt setting in last week because I knoew I was going crafty shopping at Ally Pally. I only succeeded in using a few stickers so that wasn't entirely successful!!

I also got out my crackle paint which has nearly dried up in the bottle it has been so long since I used it (!) and I couldn't even get my golden gel medium open (needs an hour sitting in a bowl of hot water, usually works). Because I wanted to cover my collage, I remembered that I used to use watered down PVA glue as a sort of varnish. I think this is the technique you use for traditional decoupage (NOT the layered kind!!). You keep adding layers and layers of the pva mix and you can even sand in between and then re-cover. It eventually gives a very fine, hard varnish-like finish. So I got a bit carried away although I only did the sanding on one or two. Very therapeutic actually!!

I was really doing it to try and make the chandelier sticker in the background of the ATC blend in - it's vinyl and I just didn't like it. It looks better now but it's taken me all week - was it worth it?? Other things I have been doing this week include a canvas, which is nearly finished (I've been doing that for months never mind weeks), aaaaaaaand I have done another page in my ABC Journal - haven't touched that for over a year!!! Not even sure the group for that one is still alive. Still, doesn't really matter I suppose but at this rate I shall be retired before it's finished. And of course, I came back from ALly Pally with my mind buzzin' seeing all those talented peeps and the lovely works on display - and, er a few little things might have popped into my bag that I'm itching to play with. Just a few, honest!! (What's the definition of a few....?)

See ya soon, Cindy


Laura said...

These are great atc's Cindy, my eye is especially drawn to the little bird one. Enjoy using more of your stash. Laura

Marit said...

Your ATCs are so pretty.
Have a great week. :)

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous ATCs Cindy! You've given me an idea for the faces in the Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper stack that I've got. I love the swirls and the inking. Beautiful.

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