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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What’s on Your Work Desk? Wednesday # I really do not have a clue……

I’ve been away so long I think I need a note for teacher. But new year, new resolutions to break so here I am to share my desk with you this week.

Here’s what I have been working on, my final tag for the Timmy 2013 challenge, the November one, delayed because I couldn’t…… er,…. find the chalk. Still can’t, but finally brought some home from work.IMG_0986[1]

I do not like this technique. I couldn’t get it to work properly (yes I was improvising with materials) and more importantly I have discovered I really don’t like the feel of chalk on my fingers. I wasn’t having fun so I went off piste rather as my attempt at this ‘chalkboard’ effect was very boring. So that’s that. I have made the one tag for my January giveaway but not one for myself as I don’t think I will ever be doing this again.


Here are the other  22 tags where I have been sorting them into the ones I am keeping and the ones I am giving away. (I shall upload Thursday evening if you want to come back and play, will be up till the end of the month).

And finally a boring picture of a box. A box of 60IMG_0988[1] Christmas cards ready for next year. Smug or what? I had some time after Christmas but no burning desire to do anything much, all the Christmas stuff was still out and I thought – why not just do it now? I might share a few another day but at least I know there won’t be a panic about that next year. 

So that’s me, I’ve shown you mine, will you show me yours? Full details over at Stamping Ground – see you there and Happy (Belated) New Year everyone!!



Ria Gall said...

Hi Cindy
I love your blackboard tags but I know how you feel when it is something you have not enjoyed making.
I think we all get the odd thing we make and it just hasn't worked for us I always find I need to put it away and move on to something new.
Congratulations on making all those Christmas cards wow puts me to shame
Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #6

Krisha said...

When your blog popped up my first thought was: "Oh how beautiful!"

I don't care for the feel of chalk either and tend to use a Q-tip for application when ever I get the chalks out.

WOW! what a start for next rock girlfriend!
Krisha #85

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, you may now have enjoyed doing it but the tag is fabulous!! That's a bit like me sewing with oilcloth...I was ready to throw my machine out of the window after it. Never again, I tell you ;-)
And well done you for doing the cards...great use of time and materials whilst they're out!
Looking forward to the crop already :-)
Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Aiy! I hate chalk, can't stand the feel of it or how it makes my lungs feel full of dust so I just don't get the chalkboard craze at all. What you've done is interesting. I'm impressed with the box of cards! I thought I was all that for having made 3 so far but now I can just hang my head in shame. Hee hee.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Your tag is fab, and good on you for the Christmas cards. I do have a spell now and again when I go mad and make some! Take care. Zo xx 90

Lea.H said...

love your tag Lx

Helen said...

Can't believe you've got next years cards done - or started- too, already!! but I'll be jealous come December... Love your tags, Cindy, they look great. I managed very few of last years, hope to try with 2014...! Helen 100

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Smug? NO, just organized and ready for Christmas, 2014. I have never tried the chalk technique, but I am sure your tag is far better than anything I could make.

Welcome back and thanks for the early morning visit. Happy WOYWW from #5.

Nan G said...

Your tag turned out nice. I know what you mean was my least favorite of his new techniques in the CC102 class last year. So like you I'm a "been there, done that and done with it". :)) way to go on early Christmas prepping! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #76

Neet said...

Just checking the date as I thought I had stumbled onto the wrong post. All this Christmas cards! Organised or what? Good for you.
I love the tag you have done with the chalk but must admit I have wondered if I would enjoy doing the technique. Ah well, need to try to satisfy.
Thanks for visiting me,
Hugs Neet xx

famfa said...

You have every right to be smug. That's impressive.
Famfa 68

Tertia said...

You have every right to be smug! My goodness, 60 cards for Christmas in January? That is very impressive.
I love the look of the blackboard tags.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #50

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Cindy - you sound proper fed up about your chalkboard tag - I didn't even start that one as I had no time and was uninspired by the colour scheme - so you did better than me! Can't believe you have 60 cards already - but as you said if the stuff is out and you've got the time why not! Thanks for your visit have a good week. MMx #56

MaggieC said...

Well done for getting that huge number of cards done already. I was going to wait until February to start, but you are shaming me into starting asap. I don't like the feeling chalk any more after so many years of blackboard work. I never enjoyed charcoal either although I am happy with charcoal pencils. Thank you for your visit and kind comments. have a good week. xx Maggie #24

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Cindy,

I think there's been a few of us that haven't been on a regular blogging schedule!

I'm impressed that you have HOW MANY? Christmas cards ready for next year? Wow!

I can totally understand the chalk thing. It just makes my teeth ache thinking about it. That comes from kids running their nails down the chalkboard in class - just awful! Although the tag does look very nice!!!

Thank you for visiting me already. I'm slowly making my around.

Peace, Kay (42)

fairy thoughts said...

hi cindy
well you caannot like them all can you.i think it looks good. glad i popped in aas i haave done a lot of cards for next C as welll so we can both feel smug
janet @ 11

Darnell J Knauss said...

What a show off! OMG, Cindy, you totally win a tiara and a hunnert bucks for having SIXTY Christmas cards in your stash for December twenty FOURTEEN!! I keep shutting my mouth and it keeps dropping open!!!!

Your tag is really fab for all you hated doing it! I'm not a huge fan of doing the chalkboard technique either, but I like seeing the creations others do. Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for popping in to visit me! Enjoy your day! Darnell #12

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