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Monday, 28 January 2008

Here Goes Nothing

Having started don't seem to know what to say. I know, I could say why I called it Plant's list. Well, Plant is me, shortened version of my surname and Lists are what rule my life. I get nothing achieved if I don't write a list so I thought if nothing else this blog would probably end up as a series of lists, then I could look back and see how many of them I've actually done!!(or not!) Only joking, but I didn't write a list today and what have I done? Nothing but tidy the craft room, fax something for my daughter (well she would have shouted at me if I hadn't), post loads of ATCs, chat on the computer, surf the internet and set up this blog...... see what I mean? It's a sad sad compulsion. All very positive things you might say, and I suppose a list of sorts. But the important things that would have been on the list haven't been done, the washing from yesterday is still on the floor in the utility room, I haven't done the accounts, I forgot to pay the tax bill or make the appointment with the optician and ......oops, there I go again.


Lankylill said...

A very intersting read Cindy and I love your garden and also your photo(how you do that?) Ever thougt of writing a book lol-will add to my favs.......Keep it up! :)

PBird said...

I love your blog Cindy, it looks brill and how great is your garden, im so jealous!! I might tell you how i came about having a crap garden one day :)

Im looking forward to visiting here loads and seeing what your up to. Cant get rid of me now xxx

PBird said...

Your mailer looks brill! And whre did you get that fabulous butterfly :) I bet Flee loved it, its gorgeous xx

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