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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Something crafty this way comes........

Ok, have managed to knock this into shape a bit, let's see if we can't add something crafty, after all that's kind of what this is supposed to be about.

What am I into at the moment? Well ATCs of course, getting involved with the online ATC swap community has really opened my eyes and making little works of art really appeal to me. I'm also seriously addicted to slide mailers, dabble in a bit of scrapbooking, and have a pile of things that I am going to alter 'one day'. In the past I have done mosaics mainly for outside, including commissioned pieces, glass painting (the best thing I ever did got broken when we moved, hey ho), papier mache modelling and cross stitch but I really cannot see to do this anymore. I also on occasion make rather odd objects to put in my garden but perhaps we won't go there!!

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hi Cindy, would loooove to see the garden ornaments you've made xxx

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