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Monday, 18 August 2008

Holiday art

As I think I said yesterday, I forgot to take much art stuff on holiday so had tomake do with just a pencil and paper. I have sorted some out to add to my Daily Art Card gallery but most of them are pretty boring but are posted on my flickr gallery. These two are my favourites - sketches I made of my son sleeping (he actually makes quite a good model, he doesn't move much andlikes laying around). I surprised myself withthese - maybe there is an artist in here somewhere trying to get out?


Jan said...

These are brilliant Cindy. I did life drawings at Art School and these would definitely have got an 'A' ! You certainly have the talent

Viv's Visuals said...

Think the artist definitely escaped here! Great drawings Cindy.

Sherry said...

Oh you can draw too - is there no end to your talent? Great sketches Cindy x


really great sketches Cindy. loving these

Dawnie said...

Fantastic Cindy ! These are AWSOME so do keep it up as these are most impressive.
Love the button fairies on the sidebar.
Have a wonderful week

Hug ya

Mooneybeams said...

These are fabulous! There's such a feeling of the weight of a sleeping body - especially in the second one. Really beautiful.

WendyK said...

These are brilliant Cindy

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