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Wednesday, 27 August 2008


There are some advantages to getting in on this challenge early in the week - if only to get your idea in before anyone else does it!!

The theme this week is 'MAPS'. This was the second idea I had and I wasn't exactly sure it was going to work - it is sort of based on an old (and rather crude)joke I was told many years ago by an elderly and usually rather severe lady professor who used to work at the Hammersmith in London, it always makes me think of her. This is a slightly refined version added to a very simple stamped and collaged ATC - after last week's marathon decided I had to keep myself in check!


Heather Robinson said...

This is hilarious!! I love how you've created the exchange of thoughts between the man and the woman. Brilliantly clever.

Trudy said...

lol fantastic

Mooneybeams said...

A wednesday morning giggle - much appreciated! And a lovely ATC, too

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