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Monday, 13 July 2009

Another Bit of Old Tat

Well while Nicks' agonises over changing the title of her blog, I will plagiarise her title for this blog. I'm just blogging a little hanging I sent her for her birthday - she had made some nice comments about my altered mirror a few weeks ago, and as I had a couple of bits of 'trial' stamping, I thought I'd try and make something of them. The 'a' was already there so it wasn't much of a leap to 'TAT' (well it could have been cat but don't know where that would have led)and so on it went. The cropodile got a bit of a workout, and the only bit that was a pain was the shrink plastic word - that white shrink plastic does not behave as well as the clear stuff!! Anyhow here it is.

While I'm blogging birthday gifts, here is a little tag book I made for the wonderfully talented Joanne R, who doesn't have a blog, but who can be found on the DC website.

The book is made from toilet roll inners and each tag was supposed to have a verse on the back - had printer problems that day and just realised I sent it off without them! Oh well, I think she liked it anyway!

One final tag, this was for Maureen's birthday. Phew, that was a busy month!!


Carolands said...

This is very beautiful Cindy - I love it and she is a lucky lady to be receiving it. Carolands x

Cheryl said...

wow another stunning creation hun adore what you have done love cheryl xxxx

Maureen said...

Love the tag book and of course loved my tag, thanks again Cindy.

Sherry said...

Beautiful birthday gifts Cindy - love them all!

Nicks said...

thank you Cindy, I love it!

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