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Thursday, 23 July 2009


Hi, just noticed that my followers widget has disappeared - not sure if its temporary or not but I was playing with my blog last night (I managed to change the background but that's as far as I got). So I'm not sure what's going on now, may have to re-load my original template. I have checked but the widget seems to bethere but not showing - so if you are a follower and got a notification of this post could you let me know?

While I'm here, just a reminder that it is a week until the July Draw closes. See side bar for details.

Oh and the picture, that's one of my best creations to date, my lovely daughter.


Thank you sooo much to everyone who has let me know that my followers are visible - I have to say, I still can't see it, whether I am 'just looking' or logged in. Weird huh? Seems like these things happen so I shall just give it a few days to see if it re-appears!!!


Jan said...

I can see it Cindy - so hope you can now!
Your daughter is absoloutely stunning!!!

Clarky J said...

Yep got notification cindy :0)

Robin said...

I am a follower and your post showed up in my Google Reader. I am having the same problem with my followers disappearing and so have a couple of other bloggers. I think it is a Blogger problem and hopefully they will get it fixed soon:)

Viv's Visuals said...

You were in my dashboard as usual Cindy!! And your widget has re-appeared........ LOL

(Gorgeous piccie too!)

Belinda said...

I am a follower Cindy, I'll check my google account. Your daughter is soooo beautiful, I bet your are so proud of her. Belinda

purplecat said...

I see you got your followers list back! This has happened a couple of times to me, bit of a glitch sometimes I think!

georgina said...

well i can see it Cindy and i thought i was already a follower, but guess what WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! so i am now, luv georginaxx

Nikki said...

I can't see any followers either I see a Number but that's all
seems bloggers on the fritz
Can still see all the blogs I follow in my dash but can't visit those who follow me :(
Nikki C

Mooneybeams said...

Your daughter has exactly your eyes!

artist60164 said...

Wow I can not believe the different tecniques you know how to do. And here I was excited because I learned the bleach tecnique. Beautiful work.

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