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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

And the winner is........

no 3. That's Georgina, georgy girl or GG as we are both known lol. Will get it in the post asap Georgy.

I have been really busy this week (not sure doing what though) and I apologise for not getting around the blogs - I just haven't had time during the day, and in the evening I find that even though we have a super dooper allegedly ultra fast connection, when my son is also playing his games on line my pc just slows to snail's pace ... or maybe I just need a new pc lol. Do you think Santa might be listening? I also have thanks to post for some interesting looking christmas packages that have come through...... will try to get a message to everyone concerned this week.

Right, off to chase son out of the house to take his mock exam.


georgina said...

oh wow i am so chuffed,i just love your works of art Cindy, thank you, luv G.G.xxxx

Belinda said...

Hi Cindy Thank you so much for the "smile" prize I won on your blog, she is gorgeous. I am a bit slow in returning thanks as I have had such a busy few weeks, sorry. I hope your new year and Christmas were wonderful and this year is everything you hope for. Take care Cindy.
Belinda xxx

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