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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Beginner's Luck??

I posted the other day about a new acrylic paint technique and managed to make some nice ATCs using it. This was the last background I made in that batch which I finished off with some stamping.

Not bad I thought, like these, let's have some more. Well I have been doing this all day (well for about an hour) and not one decent crack between the lot of them. Am racking my brains now to think if I've left out a crucial step but can't for the life of me think what it could have been. Still, was good while it lasted!!

In the same vein I re-visited the bleach technique I tried out a couple of weeks ago with a modicum more success. This time I used water colour paper with Whisper inks and also distress inks (although they might just work with water never mind bleach). Not quite the same feel as the last ones but quite attractive never the less - personally I think they are a bit nicer in real life than the photos.

There are a few of these for trade, so do pop over to my FLICKR gallery if you are interested. Oh, and a quick reminder, you have one more day to join in with the April giveaway (see sidebar), draw takes place at 8.00 pm Friday.


Netty said...

I love all these, especially the acrylic technique. You have done a great job, Annette x

nayski said...

I just can't believe you left yourself wide open like that - don't tell me you're crackless? I think they're awesome just the way they are, can't believe how busy you've been!

jonaks said...

wow , these are so lovely!!!

Jan said...

These are fantastic Cindy.... full marks for perseverence LOL!! I love the cracked one especially.

georgina said...

these are great and i get the impression nothing much else has been done around Cindys house/garden and thats just how it should be, love it, luv georginaxx

Carol said...

These are all lovely pieces Cindy, I especially like the bleaching technique and have now bought a water brush with this in mind, must try it.

Have a fab weekend :)

Carol x

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