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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Just a quickie.....

Well, where did all those blue skies go? Oh right, yes it's my day off and we plan to pop off to the local wood today to see all the bluebells in flower so OF COURSE it has to be all wet and grey .... still, at least it's not too cold.

Have been doing odds and ends this week and have several WIP on the go. I made a decision the other week that I needed to not just make 1 of each thing I try so that I could keep one thing as a reference. So here are three ATCs I made in a similar vein. Two are available for trade.

The background technique I used was demo'd by Sheena Douglas at AP. She used dark card and covered it with a layer of dilute PVA. She then painted on a single layer of acrylic paint in a lighter colour and heated with a heat gun and all these wonderful cracks appeared. Polished up quickly with a cloth it leaves a great surface for stamping on to. Now Sheena was using a specific brand - escapes me which one it was - so it may have a special composition, but I have tried just with the odds and ends of acrylics I have in my box. Not all of them have worked brilliantly, I do think you have to experiment with the thickness etc as well. This one worked very well:-

I also used one of my experimental pieces for the roof and door etc on this card. I was really pleased with this 'shabby' effect.

Hope to be back soon with more but am a bit like a butterfly this week, flitting from project to project and trying to catch up with some old stuff that I haven't finished yet. I also got my first of nesties so have been playing with my cuttlebug and making cards - piccies soon.


Carol said...

Hi Cindy

What a lovely result, I love this technique and did something very similar on a decorating course with some clay pots. I may try this, if I remember. I like to try something new.

Carol x

Artyfax said...

Love the idea of this technique, have seen many tut's using commercial stuff to get the cracked/aged appearance but never got around to buying any - so many things to try, LOL. BUT I have got lots of PVA and oodles of acrylic paints. Just got to try it, the results look stunning.

Promise to let you know the results!

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