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Monday, 2 August 2010

We have a winner for July....

Sorry I'm a bit late with the draw, slobbed in front of the box yesterday evening and didn't make it to the pc. I'm pleased to say the 'winner' is a wonderful artist, Cathy from across the pond. Which is rather spooky as I was talking about Cathy to my husband today, vis a vis the fact she lives in Alaska and some great photos she posted of a place called glacier gardens. If you haven't seen Cathy's work then do pop over to her blog and have a look - she is a very talented lady!!

I haven't even got a photo of my holiday to post as they are still in the camera and I'm feeling very lazy. Bad blogger!! Thanks everyone for taking part, there should be a new giveaway at the weekend, though I'm not quite sure yet what it will be....... See ya soon!!


georgina said...

well done Cathy,it's always a thrill to win one of Cindys works of art,love this game Cindy, luv Georginaxx

Cathy said...

well i'm slow on the uptake, but today i discovered my prize in the mail! wow!!! thank you, cindy. it's such a gorgeous giveaway!

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