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Sunday, 3 July 2011

June giveaway winner - and another month gone...

You may recall that I mentioned in my last post that I was going on holiday. Well I had a lovely week in Portugal and came back very relaxed and happy. (Do you like my digital scrapbook page? First one I've ever done).

While I was away, my darling OH (bless 'im) decided we needed a faster broadband which he duly had installed - it's brill. He neglected to consider however how many different places I would have to go and change my email address as that also, apparently, had to change (seethe seethe). I'm getting there but it's blooming tedious when nothing ever seems to work first time. I thought I'd sorted all my probs with blogger but now I just have different ones lol.

Added to this we all had preliminary notice of redundancy at work (it was expected but doesn't make it any easier). 19 jobs will go by the end of the year :0(. Finally my daughter left to go and work in Spain (trauma trauma) and I have only just got used to the idea when, hey ho, she rings today and says it isn't working out she's coming back next week. She gave up a well paid (if admittedly rather boring) job for this 'adventure' and will now be coming back broke, unemployed and barely even an experience to make it all worthwhile. Joy, two teenagers under my feet all summer.

Anyhow less of my moanings except to say I can't believe it is July already. Something has seriously gone wrong with this year. But, I must get on with the advertised business.

It did take me a while to finish the June giveaway as I really have not been in a crafty mood. But this is the revised front page. I decided not to add anything to the centre layouts and they can be seen on the post below (yes,that was the last time I blogged). Here is the back cover.

And the winner is:........Marit. Get in touch soon Marit so I can arrange to post it out to you!!

Finally I just wanted to share this beautiful card I received from Laura last month's winner. It was a lovely surprise when I returned home and reminds me how much I enjoy seeing other people's art and trading. So I'd better get off my sorry butt, stop moaning and start crafting!! See you all soon (I hope!!).


Marit said...

Thank you for the gift, I'm looking forward to see it. I have now sent a mail with my address. Have a nice day :)

georgina said...

WOW this is fantastic Cindy,glad you had a great holiday,and the rest??? it will all sort itself out i'm sure,chin up, luv Georginaxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, you look like you had such a good holiday. Sorry to hear about the threat to your job and your daughter will get another one.
The winner of your June giveaway with love it as it's so gorgeous. I'm glad you liked your card I loved the fan. Laura x

Jan said...

WOW.... HOT BABES!! Great page Cindy... lovely way to remember occasions. I really must get back to doing some more scrapbooking. Did you DRAW that shell by the way. It's beautiful. Saw your lovely postcard in C.S. Well done! Beautiful work. Sorry to hear about your job (and the kids under your feet!) Life never goes as you plan, does it!

Maureen said...

love the digi page Cindy and looks like you had a good time!!

Sussie said...

Congratulations to Marit! :)

And a great LO from your vacation. I can see you had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed the beach-life!

The card is lovely as well.

Come and visit my monthly giveaway as well! It starts now and this first time it´s a little scrap package.

I didn´t craft much either because during this time of year I want to be outside enjoying the sun (hrrrmph... ) and the warmth.

Have a great summer and enjoy each minute!
Hugs Susan

Sherry Edwards said...

Congrats to Marit on winning your gorgeous book.

Your digital scrapbook pages look great - looks like you had a lovely time in the sun - and leaving your OH to his own devices - at least he meant well. Reminds me of the time I left mine at home and when I came back he'd painted all our garden woodwork in light blue!!! I do like it, but it was a bit of a shock at the time!

Sorry to hear about your job and glad your daughter is back with her Mum (despite what you say - LOL)

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