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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WOYWW - kid's stuff!!

It's that occasional Wednesday when I am home so I have actually been in my craft room today prepping the samples for my some of my summer children's activities (err,... isn't this your day off? thought work was done at work... well think again). Anyhow it needed to be done and now I'm feeling a lot less anxious.

When I popped over to Julia's blog just now she said her desk looked a little grown up - well I had to laugh, mine is covered in craft for 4 - 8 yr olds. So you can see the toilet roll holder clown and elephant (he needs a feather on his head though to make him a circus elephant I think), the lion 'puppet', and at last the carousel which I have been really nervous about but which came together fine which considering it is made up of templates from 3 different projects is a bit of a miracle. It is a bit fiddly but I'm only doing that one with a small group of older children as quite a bit has to be prepped beforehand and I don't have the time or space. I showed the idea to a colleague at another library and she has gone mad - she will be doing it with about 30 children at once!!! Glad I won't be there that day lol.

Under the mess somewhere are the ATCs I started yesterday but now won't get time to finish till the weekend as it's work work work from here on in.

Anyhow, happy 'hump' day to you all and enjoy WOYWW. Oh, if you don't know what that is, then pop over to Julia's blog for a look see.


Tammy said...

Love the creative desk - even if it is crafts for the kids. Any bit of creativity is fun to look at! :)

dianneo said...

The carousel is adorable. The children are going to love it and the parents are going to think it's neat too.

Fuchsia said...

My grandson normally takes over my desk .
your look fab great work !

Gloria said...

Loving your workdesk. Looks like you are keeping busy. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

As a former teaching assistant, I am really impressed with the carousel project. It's really nice, hope the kids enjoy making it too :D !! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Now that Cindy - is a desk full of fun!! I gave up children's workshop sessions yonks ago...the thought makes me shuddder I'm ashamed to say! Your ideas are just fab.. I agree about the feather for the elephant, becasue, well, why wouldn't you?!

Netty said...

Wow what lucky children Cindy, they are going to have such fun. xx

Angie said...

What a lot of fun ...your desk is every kids dream

Anonymous said...

These are great, the kids will love making these. So glad I'm not the one crafting with 30 kids either. Laura

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