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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Here she goes again.....

Well that was a week and a half!! Mum got rushed in to hospital last Wednesday with suspected appendicitis. They duly whipped it out on Friday, and she came home late Saturday but days and late nights at the hospital on top of working left me pretty whacked!! Then we had the joys of the London riots... Ealing is a couple of miles away from our house and we had our own local hooligans who had a go (unsuccessfully) at a couple of local shops and businesses - everything shut down early afternoon on Tuesday on police advice (including the PO which was a bit of a pain as it was the only time I could get there this week!!) but it stayed pretty calm as far as I could see, and hopefully the worst is over.

Anyhoo got a bit of crafting done this morning before work, just this little tag which I will be putting in for 'Try it on Tuesday'. About time I entered something!!


Helen said...

Beautiful tag, love the colouring. Glad your mum is recovering and you didn't have too much trouble - I live about 5 miles from Croydon so it was scary times! Lets hope it has calmed down now....

Sherry Edwards said...

Hi Cindy, glad your Mum's back home, do take care of your self too.

I'm so glad the riots seem to be over now. The only damage we had was Debenhams' windows broken. As we live only five minutes walk from the town centre, I couldn't get asleep the first night - kept my ears pricked up for any noise!

Your tag is lovely - as always xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mother hope she has a good recovery. Your nature tag is lovely. The riots are shocking like most people we have our thoughts about ending them. Laura

georgina said...

wonderful as usual Cindy,good to see you back,thanks for joining in with TioT, luv Georgina xxx

Sussie said...

This is beautiful Cindy!
Great quote and I love the way you placed the leaves.

I wish both you and your mother a great August!


Renee Stien said...

i've been thinking about you lately with all the riot news. glad to hear you weren't causing any of it :) hope you mother will be alright. xx

Sussie said...

Thank you Cindy for the wonderful stamps! I´ll start using them at once :) And thank you for the lovely ATC as well!
Hope your mum is feeling much better now and I wish you a nice weekend!

CAROL said...

Beautiful tag Cindy, your blog has some fabulous stuff on it, well done xxx

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