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Sunday, 21 August 2011


for not being about. I have had a really bad virus on the pc which keeps blocking me from everything google related - yep, makes it pretty impossible to do most things!! So I just haven't been bothering to come on line lately as it means using someone else's pc and it just all gets too tedious..... Still, I have a new machine coming so hope to be back on line properly soon. Haven't uploaded the August giveaway yet so I think I'll leave it this month. I'll upload a new giveaway for next month at the end of August just before I go on holiday so it can run while I'm away (I hope anyhow!!!). Have also been really busy with mum and work (kids summer holidays are a killer with events every week) and just haven't had the time or drive to get it sorted out.

So thanks everyone for your best wishes - and Sussie - I loved the postcard!! Off out now, I have to go and dig up some buried treasure lol.

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