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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What's on Your Workdesk, Wednesday? # 172

I've been disciplined this last couple of days (Now that doesn't sound quite right but I guess you get my drift - I mean in a good way). I have a tendency to accumulate a vast amount of bits and bobs on my desk that are in one way or another a WIP. They seem to rotate from space to space until I am quite fed up of seeing them. So, inspired by yesterday's completion of the Steampunk book which has been a WIP since about March (see previous post), I piled up all the said bits and bobs and worked through them making some cards. Two of them were I swear the quickest cards I've ever made!!


The rest of my work area  is pretty tidy. To achieve this I
1. Worked on one thing at a time
2. Put everything away (and I mean everything) before I started on the next one.
and 3 - Julia, if you are about you  may want to stop reading now -
3. Cleaned up my stamps as I used them and put them away. (To be fair I only used two, so not that onerous a task).

I have spread them out so you can see but they are all ready (complete with envelopes,  in itself a minor miracle) to go into little protective bags and be stored. After which my desk will be all tidy ready for my next session.

I have to say, I actually find this a much less stressful way of crafting. I haven't lost my pokey tool once, and the air is significantly less blue than it usually is. So I will try to take note, but I doubt I will be able to keep it up. I was feeling particularly zen today. There is still a small pile to the left of the desk still to be dealt with. More worrying is this...............

The top of the cupboard may be clear of rubbish but that plastic box is full of WIPs. That's me sorted for the next three months then. Oh I've just thought of another one - I meant to alter that gravy container ...... I'd never noticed it until someone pointed it out last week and now it's all I see.
So many projects, so little time....

Well I have rambled a bit more than intended and if you are from someplace in the blogosphere who has not heard of WOYWW then you may be a little confused. Suffice it to say every week we crafters have a little show n tell, all run by the wonderful Ms Dunnit of Stamping Ground. Pop over for the full list and join in, I dare you. Leave me a message and I'll pop over and you can show me yours.

So to speak. Happy WOYWW everyone. Woking today so expect me on the even tide.

Oh, and if anyone is at the BSSBS at Ally Pally this Sunday let me know. Perhaps we can can say 'hi'. I will be wearing my WOYWW badge anyway - just in case!!


Neet said...

Oh heck Cindy, this is a serious post! Serious in that it reminds me I have lots of WIP's lying all over the place and am not anywhere as near organised as you are with them all in a box.
Good on ya to get those cards made, they look brilliant so I guess I need to take on board your 1, 2, 3 and get cracking as soon as I get home.
Thanks for the kick up the you know where.
Hugs, Neet xx 33
pd thanks for visiting me too - now to look at your previous posting

May said...

Well what a fabulous organised desk Cindy.. I try to keep my desk sorted but sometimes I fail badly tee-hee...
Love those cards fab selection I am going to Ally Pally Sunday.. whoo-hoo will wear my badge so will look out for you!!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#8

EELS said...

Hiya Cindy, thanks for your earlier visit. See a tidy desk isn't that hard to achieve, yours looks fabulous now.
Cheers, Elaine #28

TeddyBobCrafts said...

Happy WOYWW. Congrats on finishing a WIP and making some cards from the 'leftovers' (always very satisfying). Hope you continue to keep your workspace tidy - definitely a less stressful way to craft. Ali x #106

Sandy Leigh said...

Good tips! I tend to have way too many WIPs--I don't know why I can't work on one thing at a time. Love your tidy desk! Sandy Leigh #36

Anonymous said...

Oh looky, looky, I made it!! Nice to see your desk finally, I think it's the first time, like evva!! I can't do WIP's, if they're not finished they never will be! That's me all over, can't go back to anything! Have fun at the shopping binge, friad I went to Michaels at lunchtime, thay have 6x6 MME pads for just $4, couldn't pass that up!!

Brenda 1

kay said...

nice to find another tidy crafter,your cards are fab and have a great time at the show :)
have a super woyww
kay #54

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love tidy desks - can't bear pushing stuff around to clear space to work!! So your's is looking good to me. And you've reaped the reward with all those great cards.. Love the Steampunk goodies from the previous post too :)
Hugs, LLJ #73 xx

jill said...

I tidy up after every project but it does'nt stay to tidy for long because i jump straight into another project. you desk looks good after your tidy up session & the cards a great . Jill #75

Jojorenee said...

Those are some cute cards! Way to go with the organization!Tamika #139

Tertia said...

Amazing what one little finished project can achieve. Very impressive indeed.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #46

BJ said...

Super cards and I'd have thought you used up the bits and bobs on MY desk to make some of those. i.e. the bird and british stash. BJ#19

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Cindy,

I'm so late getting around from last week..... this Wednesday will be here before I know it!

Haaa. If I put up my supplies between projects I don't know if I'd honestly get anything done! This weekend I worked on a few projects and managed to PILE things on the corner of a round table!

Thanks for visiting me and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come on over.


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