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Thursday, 22 November 2012

a polar bear, a piano and a cup of coffee........

Well I did joke that the brief for this new home card for one of the manager's at work included a polar bear, piano, opera, strong coffee, chocolate and sci fi. Despite a very helpful suggestion from LLJ that I could cover most of the brief  by having a polar bear with an opera cape and glasses reclining on a piano with a chocolatte in paw and Yoda as the waiter, I decided to stick with the bear. The sentiment was a free digi from 'netty's cards' if you want to pop over and grab one for yourself.

Unfortunately despite extreme mocking up before I stuck anything down I ended up with everything too near the bottom of the page and I'm not entirely happy with the composition (but I wasn't about to re-do it).
Still the recipient liked it so that's the main thing!!

However, when I asked my OH what he thought, he said ' a piano place of your own...... I don't get it'.

So I guess I put the piano in the wrong place as well!!

And here is another commission card for a friend's daughter. This brief was pink with a fairy. MUCH easier!!

Have only just got up after deciding to take a sick day today. Just can't shake this cold and pesistent cough and am exhausted but feel a bit better after giving in and laying in bed all morning although I may be back there in an hour or so. My sympathies to everyone else who has or has had this bug, it's a real doozie - can't believe I feel this low and it's only mid November.  Still, onwards and upwards!! Have a nice day everyone!!



Caroline said...

Beautiful card's Cindy and I hope you feel better soon. Caroline xxx

Helen said...

What a cool card that new home card is (oops, no pun intended).

Sherry said...

Just catching up with your blog Cindy. Love the sewing easel card and your She Art canvas too - the backgrounds are fab. Happy birthday to your Mum - love the special card you made for her (and LOL about your sister's comments too!)

I think your Polar Bear card is 'cool' (pun intended!) It hadn't even occurred to me everything was at the bottom as the big sky seemed in keeping with the igloo somehow. Funny how your hubby read the piano into the sentiment, I didn't so it all seemed fine - glad the receipient loved it.

Take care and hope you feel better soon xxx

Meggymay said...

Two wonderful cards, loved the New Home one.
Hope you feel better soon.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

No, no, no! Everything really isn't too close to the bottom at all. It looks great, although I am confused about why all those things were to go together....? The birthday card, now THAT I understand!

CAROL said...

Hi Cindy, hope you're well, long time since I've been on any blogs, yours is looking great and I just love the polar bear card, such a cute little image xx

sandee said...

OK, do you do WOYWW? When I saw LLJ..I said Lunch Lady Jan? lol And yep, that was her! I feel like I should know you. I love both your cards, they are great, I think commissioned cards ar the hardest! I am really looking forward to being on the TIOT DT with you! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

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