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Monday, 19 November 2012

Card update..

Been MIA this last week, just too much other stuff going on.

But here is the finished sewing card which was on my desk a couple of weeks ago:

and also the card I made my mum's 80th  (apologies for lousy photographs):

Now I will admit this card follows a design I saw on Anna Marie's stall at AP and I even used the same sentiment. I absolutely fell in love with it and asked her how she had made it - and it was so simple!! The curled back frame looks really effective so I think I will be making more of these with different centrepieces etc.

I have a little bit of friendly sibling  card making rivalry with my sister who for mum this year made a huge A4 card (I have to add I had to remind her to make it). When we were out on Saturday at the Blenheim Craft Fair she was telling another friend about her huge card and I butted in, 'yeah but it wasn't as nice as mine' (jokingly) and she replied 'Well at least mine was hand made'. LOL she thought I had bought it. Made my day to get one over on her, should have seen her face when I enlightened her!!

Anyhow, now I am in a suitably good mood (still chuckling over that) I am home most of this week, everyone is off about their business and I am going to CRAFT!! So, see you soon....


Netty said...

Loving both your fab cards Cindy....such fun, sibling rivalry. x

Astrid Maclean said...

Gorgeous cards both of them!!!

Meggymay said...

Two fantastic cards Cindy.
Have a good crafty week.

Fuchsia said...

Oh Wow ! they are awesome really love the sewing card ,
Hope you got my email x

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