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Monday, 18 February 2013

Finished cards...

Here are the finished cards I was working on earlier in the week. The boots come from a serif digikit which I re-sized in Craft Artist 2. The first one came out way too big (!) so I used that for a friend's birthday coming up later in the year and reprinted for the commission 21st card.

The shoe stamp is from Stamps by Chloe and the papers were from Craftwork cards - I only had just enough!! The brief was for a very fashionable 90 year old who likes her bling and was known for her heels -  it's a bit bright for me but it was fun to make.

Not feeling very focussed on crafting lately and have been pottering finishing off old WIPs and re-organising my space as I took delivery of a new printer at the weekend. I feel sad to let my last one go as it started behaving immediately I gave in and bought a new one. There wasn't much wrong with it except unreliable colour printing (Look at the two boot cards!!), hopeless and very irritating when I'm trying to do digital crafting - a print head problem I think and it's not worth the cost to fix it.  It did seem to use a lot of ink though so I hope this new one will be better.

Right it's a lovely day so going to take mum out for a walk in the park. Time we both got out and blew away the cobwebs I think. Have a good monday.


Ria Gall said...

You just have to love the boot card such a great image and lovely that you can pick the size. What a fantastic card. As for the totally with it lady and her shoes and bling I am sure she will love it.

Meggymay said...

Two fantastic cards, love the one for the trendy 90 year old.
Yvonne x

chrissies said...

All of the cards are terrific but my fave are the boots--must go and have a look for the stamp--thank you for the link Cinday

Love Chrissie xx

sandee said...

Have to say I love the boot cards, great image to have! Did you send me a birthday card? What a big surprise that was for me today!! If you did THANK YOU! ...If you didn't, just ignore that! lolwaving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Carol said...


It might be bright, but it's an absolutely lovely card and the box too, I'm guessing you made that too. Nice work as always.

Carol x

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