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Friday, 8 February 2013

The February Art Drawing is lovely......

Well I had fun with this, even though it has taken me a week to put those 'finishing touches' to it.

Very little crafting time this week, work is starting to rev up and as usual I am woefully over committed. Must learn to say no....must learn to say no....must learn......

Anyhoo I digress. This month's offering is more crafty than arty and is once again an exercise in knowing when to stop. It is from an old Cosmo Cricket scrapbooking kit (love the papers!) and I thought it was about time I made up this particular piece. It is also not quite finished as you have to do that yourself - worked it out yet? It's an elaborate hanging picture frame (albeit for some rather small pictures) so you'll need to provide the piccies. It is quite large (each circle is approx 8" across) and not something I would be able to find space for in my home but might make a nice present even if you don't keep it for yourself.

If you want to be in the art draw then please leave a comment on this post. International players welcome, feel free to link from your own blogs (let me know and I'll put you in twice). We'll run this one until 9.00 pm on Monday 25th February.

And for those in the UK, a quick plug for National Libraries Day which is tomorrow. If you are lucky enough to still have a local library, use it or risk losing it. They'll be especially pleased to see you this week. This is not just because I want to keep my job, it's about the future of our society. Think on this, if all the libraries, with their considerable buying capacity, disappear and stop buying the printed word, at what point will it cease to be economical to publish books at all?  Do you only ever want to read books on your kindle or share a picture book with your child on a screen? Sorry, it is not the same. And don't think it won't happen. Printed newspapers are already under threat.

Rant over.

See ya soon and thanks for playing,


Unknown said...

Your work is amazing Cindy & I would love to be in with a chance of winning.
Regards Shirley

Hettie said...

Hi Cindy
I have this kit and used lots of the papers and elements but never quite got round to doing these circles. Maybe I will now!
Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fuchsia said...

Its quite stunning I love all the different elements on them so much to look at its fab !

Viv said...

I confess... to owing a Nexus e-reader - but it was only bought as I tend to take about 8 books away with me on holiday and the weight wasn't leaving any room for my clothes!!! Don't think I would miss newspapers really Cinds, they're full of gloom and doom mostly.. but I would miss holding a BOOK. the one I'm holding now is MASSIVE - a hardback of Ken Follett's 'Winter of the World' - waited for months after reading the first in the lovin it!
Oh and I'd love the chance to won this little beauty!! LOL xx

Meggymay said...

A wonderful project Cindy.
I will join the rant about libraries, ours is under threat of closing this June.
Yvonne x

chrissie said...

Beautiful piece as always Cindy.

Off to the library this morning as I wouldn't want to lose ours. I just love books and haven't got a Kindle or anything like that--I do have lots of books though and can imagine that reading on a screen would free up space-just not for me.

Love Chrissie xx

Allthingsinky said...

This is Stunning Love all the details...

Mr Tumness Crafting said...

It is beautiful Cindy, Thank you for a chance to win it. You blog is amazing to. Thanks for sharing:)

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