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Friday, 22 February 2013

Tags of 2013 - February

A pretty tag by Tim this month with a few Valentine overtones - sinking heart, I can't do a CASE on this tag (is that the correct terminology?), don't have most of the bits. So will need to deconstruct the tut to see exactly what all the elements are.

1.  Main image, stamped, coloured and decoupaged - what to choose?
2.  Distress background, that's OK, but may change colours depending on other items.
3.  Embossed and sanded kraft core as an embellishment - just need to choose something appropriate
4.  Custom cash key embellishment - perhaps I can use one of my 'medals' again.
5. Tissue ribbon -I know I won't be able to manufacture this without tearing - think I'll stick with stamping my vintage binding
6.  Finishing touches!

Mmm. First stop - stamp collection. There must be something there (!). I'm not feeling that loved up, Valentine's is long gone after all, and my gaze turns towards my oriental collection. Perhaps this lady with the lamp? She hasn't had an outing for a few years and I've never  tried decoupaging her before. She doesn't have a background as such but I'm sure I can find something to add.

My embossing folders aren't screaming 'oriental' at me but I've pulled out a couple of foliage ones and I do have some stencils - maybe I can emboss with them?

I like the red of the original - maybe I'll keep that, but I'll have to use inks, I don't have stains in those colours. Right. All my bits are gathered, off we go!!

Oh me likey!! Might not be quite what I usually expect from a Tim inspired tag but isn't going off and making it your own half the fun?

Here are  the finished tags - remember I'm doubling up ready for a giveaway next year. I managed to emboss with my bamboo stencil through my bug - perhaps not as deep as I would have liked but I am incredibly pleased it worked!! Not too sure the stencil is as happy as me however - it may have got a little bent in places - oops! My little medallions look cool too with their stamped chinese character (which means??!) finished off with glossy accents. All in all a very satisfactory evening's play.



SusanLotus said...

Your tags are very beautiful.
The red colour matches the stamps and other details so well.

I wish you a nice weekend!

Fuchsia said...

Fab Tags x

chrissies said...

Terrific colour and images--yes the fun is doing your own thing I think after being inspired by others.

Love Chrissie xx

Brenda Brown said...

A brilliant interpretation.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Brenda xxx

Renee Stien said...

Cindy, they are stunning as always! Hope you are doing well <3

Sandy said...

Cindy your tags are absolutely grand! And when I say grand I meant it!!!

МамаФиалка said...

Your tags are very beautiful

soccermom23 said...

Very pretty!

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