Friday 24 May 2013

Gelli Prints!!!

First of all thanks for all the well wishes, I am feeling much better in myself but the poor old voice is still very hoarse even after resting it for 6 days - seriously, I've hardly said a word, it's been killing me. Have been drinking lemon, honey and ginger until it's coming out of my pores. Am going into work tomorrow as I have a kids activity but not sure how long the voice will last (maybe they'll send me home after hee hee.....).

yes, I know, the letters are back to front....
Anyhow, Weds I did indeed get out my gelli plate. I moved into the kitchen as I had a feeling it would require slightly more space - and I was right!! WHAT a mess!! I've still got paint on my fingernails (acrylic to acrylic, not good LOL). Anyhow had great fun and here are some of my favourites.

Upside down in the photo but at least they are
right way round here, I'm learning
Need to practise a little more and I shall be looking out now for good things to 'make marks' with. Also need to get my head round the whole layers/what ends up on top thing but that's just my control freak side coming out - you can't really second guess a gelli plate.

There are quite a few more - once you get started you kind of just keep going!! Not sure what I will use them all for though!

So that's that, bye for now!!
Love this one



Monique said...

These look like you had a lot of fun, Cindy. They turned out great! Specially like the one with the leaves.

WendyK said...

Great results, but doesn't it get addictive.

Kay Griffin said...

Beautiful work, Cindy :)

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