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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tags of 2013 - Not all rub-ons are created equal....

Well we all know this.  I have sheets and sheets of rub ons that would be ever so useful if they would just, well, rub on. Or Off, depending on your point of view. I don't however have any of the TH Rub ons that he uses for the May tag so I have no idea how they perform, although I expect very well. I do have a few from 7 Gypsies and Basic Grey which are super easy to use and hopefully will be perfectly fine for the resist technique that forms the basis of this month's tag.

The next step is to smoosh on some colour. As I have said before, smooshing is not a technique I
have a lot of success with. Several dun coloured tags later I have actually achieved some colour in pleasing proportions. Because I have used some Paris rub ons I opt for my Mme Berth stamp - eek alors, used a rather dry ink pad and she has come over all faint. Despite my best efforts she looked lost on the tag, so I finally cut her up and made her into an ATC. I end up doing the same with the next two attempts, saving the best bit of each.

Despite these minor setbacks I can see the appeal of this technique if only I can get it right. The effect is reminiscent of highlighting with a white pen. Oh well, perseverance is a virtue and finally I  have some modicum of success, even managing to weave Mme Berth into one design and using a trusty Lynn Perella image for the other one.

 I have left both of my May tags fairly unembellished, mainly because I don't have the bits Tim has and I don't feel like improvising. I did however spring for the word bands but they have been on my wish list 4 ages. (To be honest I don't think they need it either although I did add a bit of gilding flakes to one).

Phew only the middle of the month and the tags are done - brill!!

Oh, and Tim's tag and instructions are here.


Astrid Maclean said...

Well, I think all your efforts were worth it, the end effects are brill! Really like both of them! And as far as those remnant rubs are concerned, I think they are ok, they certainly come off, but in some cases are a bit too sticky imho, and seem to come off too easily, i.e. where you don't want them. Just cos they are TH does not make them perfect.... just sayin...

Monique said...

I know what you mean by the colors not going on the way you like with this technique. I tried this yesterday...nor are all rub ons alike =).
I think your tags came out great though. Beautiful colors.

Netty said...

oooh don't get me on flipping rub ons, have never had success with them. I love both of your fab tags Cindy. Hugs Annette x

Krisha said...

Hi Cindy, your tag turned out just beautiful!! I tend to shy away from rub-ons, or rub-offs, not sure why. But I do know that all are not created equal. Where are the ATCs you made?

sally said...

Hooray for perseverance! I like that you managed to used the failures in ATCs too & we would love to have seen them- your tags are great & the idea of using a Lynne Perella stamp.... I wish I'd thought of doing that :-)


Rossella said...

Hi Cindy, I think those tags look great, a real success.
I have two Beautiful tags on my desk this week, thank you so much, I love them,
Rosie x

Unknown said...

Great tags. They look really good!

Anonymous said...

Both tags turned out lovely - good job!! :)

Alexa said...

Both tags are great Cindy and I totally agree with you about rub-ons. Frankly haven't used then in YEARS ... until recently & tried them again twice when they went OK. Only saving grace is that if they wrinkle up or get disjointed you can take them off with scotch tape & not ruin your work!!! x

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