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Sunday, 27 October 2013

October winner is.....

KRISHA. (Hope that link works, blogger went all weird on me).

Anyhow just need to know what you would like me to put on it to finish it off.

Haven't done much crafty stuff this weekend - been too tired. Even the extra hour today didn't help. But I've tidied up in my craft room, my usual thing when I don't feel up to much. Let's face it it always needs doing!!

Have a good week, will put the November giveaway up shortly and here's a clue, it is going to  be Christmassy!!

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Krisha said...

WAHOOO! I won! You don't need to put anything on it, cause I can't decide what to add to it either LOL. I think it is adorable just "as is".
Thanks Cindy!

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