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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bad Blogger!!

Oh why does life get so busy? Doing nothing!! Just the endless round of work, chores, shopping, duty visits, and personal maintenance ……… and the list is still a mile long!! So I have not been about much lately or had much time in the craft room. Cue sad face.

But I did find time to make a card for a work colleagues wedding last weekend. I used two 8 x 8 cards and stuck them together so that it opened up with lots of space for all the work peeps to put their congrats. Love this LOV image, it’s so sweet.


Oh well, just wanted to say ‘hi’. What to do next, have about an hour before I go to pick up DD and we have to decide whether to proceed with our planned Father’s Day BBQ or opt for roasties and chicken kievs indoors. I really should have known better than to utter the ‘B’ word! but it was so hot at work this week my brain melted and I broke the habit of a lifetime. Hope you are all having a good day whatever the weather!!


Krisha said...

I have seen this imaged used many times, but what you have done with it is just gorgeous! All the embossing really makes the image the focal point.

Clever idea to put 2 cards together so co-workers have a space to sign.

Helen said...

Gorgeous card and a great idea to join 2 cards together for more room to write.
Shame about the weather, would rather it be nice at weekends than in worktime, but hey!! I'd go for the roasties...

Meggymay said...

Gorgeous wedding card Cindy. Love the die cuts that fram it.
Yvonne x
p.s. The current challenge at Sugar Creek Hollow, is Here comes the Bride, this would fit the theme over there.

Annette G said...

Gorgeous card Cindy, Annette x

chrissies said...

Stunning ideas on this. Slow down Cindy you will explode.

Love Chrissie x

Shoshi said...

Oooh pretty, Cindy! Well done! Thanks for your visit, and for sharing my enthusiasm for the young artists' work. Like you, we were never at this standard in our day!!


Sherry said...

How lucky are your work colleagues to have you on hand to make them beautiful cards like this one xx

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