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Thursday, 31 July 2014

CardMaking 101 #3 (KISS)



Just a quick update on my Cardmaking 101 sessions. Well the male themed cards in never really took off and for various reasons my friend and I haven’t got together for over 6 weeks for card making. But we had a go the other night and the theme was babies. Well we managed a few (cards not babies, those days are long gone) but weren’t too enamoured of the bits for this in our huge free paper pack so that was that.


All the papers are double sided (although sometimes they have embellishments on rather than another pattern) so while my friend was making up the card sets I had prepared I knocked this one up. (The flower was from my stash – you may recognise the style from yesterday)


She liked it so much we sat and cut out some more for the next session. Nice to be ahead of the game for once, Roll on session 4!!!!

1 comment:

Krisha said...

Really great cards, even if the two of you don't think so.

Must be so much fun to have somebody to create with.

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