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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Giveaway Winner!

Woo Hoo the name out of the 'hat' is Princess Judy Palmer which means my tags will be flying are off to Tucson Arizona (I just like writing that LOL). Hey Judy I think I have your addy already but can't be bothered to check it's too late and I'm tired. I will mail you tomorrow if I can't, but overseas mail means a trip to the Post Office so they will  be off by Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest as I am waiting in for a furniture delivery and have no intention of stirring from the house tomorrow. .

Now, I hope that certain cats will not find these tags TOO tempting (there is no washi tape on any of them) and when the tags arrive you will be able to see what I meant about them being only vaguely Tim Holtzy.

So that's that then. Crikey it's February already!!

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