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Friday, 20 March 2009

Don't you just love technology......

When it works. Have had problems with most things this week so am experimentally trying to upload photos from a different 'place'. Nothing much to report except slogging on with the daily art cards (and boy at this stage does it feel like a slog). Have missed all the challenge deadlines as I couldn't upload but here are two ATCs from this last week I particularly liked. The first one is 'Serena' and the image was from last week's ACF challenge. The second one is a tape transfer I did ages ago but wasn't sure about because the the background paper I had used made her look like she had a strange disease. However, decided to finish it off by sitting her on a poster for vanishing cream plus a few words.... I have to explain it in case you don't get it lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend, probably won't be back for a few days till al my glitches are ironed out. By the way, anyone who has my old email addy - yes it has changed. I'm slowly getting around to changing everything and letting peeps know the new one. You can still get me via Flickr or DC but probably not from here yet.


Creative Chaos said...

Wowww... awesome ATC's !! Love 'm !
Patti xx

Viv's Visuals said...

Like these lots!! (Even if I wouldn't want to be close to the 'diseased' one!!) LOL

Crafty Critter said...

Hi Cindy, Wow these are amazing. Yes my atcs are up for trade would be honoured to trade with you.
Gail xxx

Crafty Critter said...

Cindy i'm not sure if i have your addy, what is your dc name can you pm me through dc. No i haven't moved still the same addy.
Gail xxx

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