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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A frustrating week......

Still very busy so the artwork has had to take a back seat. However had a day to myself today so decided I had better do a quick upload and blog some of my DAC pieces - have to admit I skipped a couple of days somewhere, not sure where the time is going..... so now it looks like I will finish around Easter barring any further problems.(I decided to do 365 rather than keep to a calendar date!!).

This ATC/DAC incorporates an image from the ACF challenge - actually there's not much of the original image left, on account of I could only print the picture direct from the site and it came out rather big - pc probs, don't ask - so she ended up being a very subtle part of this. I am going to send her in to a vintage swap - so three birds with one stone, always useful when you are short of time.

Here's a more arty farty one, playing with some new stamps. I've got a load of new stash - have to play with it all before the next craft show or I won't be able to justify buying anything new!! (As if).

Anyway that's all for now, next post should have my monthly giveaway on so don't forget to keep a look out. Not exactly sure what it will be as I am working on a couple of things - probably the one that gets finished first!!


Flippinpest said...

Fantastic ATCs and great blog :-)

Sherry said...

Lovely ATCs - especially the first one. I couldn't even think about committing to doing 365 ATCs!

vintage wil said...

Gorgeous atc ! great blog !!!

Creative Chaos said...

Cindy, those ATC's are stunning !!
Patti x

Renee (nayski) said...

really love the 'arty farty' one - art & imagination!

Trudy said...

really love this one

Dawnie said...

What cool art you share. Such delish eyecandy...wnderful !
Dawnie T

Pattie said...

Beautiful work !!

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