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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Some Outstanding Items......

No I haven't got a bigger head than usual, just a couple of things I did last week but didn't get around to post. This has been a dire week creatively and emotionally so I really haven't done much new stuff apart from a handful of ATCs but hopefully things will pick up soon.

Firstly an altered slide mailer made for one of my trading partners from DC, Georgy girl. As you can see it was for her birthday which was why it hasn't been shown here before.

And this is my final page for the round robin journal. It is for Wendy, whose theme was 'When you were young' so this is a picture of me, standing in a puddle in brighton c. 1959. On the back I wrote the little story out for Wendy and told her that when my mum sees this photo she always says '..and she had her new slippers on.' Well, mum came round today and I showed her this picture and guess what she said..... yep.


Back soon. Happy crafting.


Creative Chaos said...

Woww.. That "slide mailer card "is awesome !!
Patti xx

Mooneybeams said...

Lovely page Cindy. Hope everything gets better for you soon. Take care xx

Sherry said...

Both look beautiful - as usual!

Hope you get back to normal soon xx

~Babs said...

Love the birds perched on the slide mailer, and you were an adorable child; ruined slippers or not!

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