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Thursday, 30 April 2009


The challenge at MAMMA this week was to create ATCs using baby wipes as a background a la Bernie Berlin's technique in her book, Artist Trading Workshop. As a regular thing I keep the babywipes I use to mop up and clean stamps (unless I have just been using black ink - that is not very exciting!!) and I also toss them in the little box I use for 'spritzing' card with glimmer mist. So I already had some baby wipes done, although the colours were perhaps not so vivid as some of those who had used other inks and paints (pop over and have a look here - they are all stunning).

These are the two I am entering for the swap. Because they were only so so colour wise, I added a bit additional colour and some stamping before the main images and embellishments. I am very pleased with he waythey turned out, the baby wipes add a certain fabric like texture to the ATC which is very tactile. I am a little worried about the bits I stuck on though - one doesn't want to use tons of sticky stuff as it spoils the texture of the wipe but I am a little concerned that the papers don't have good adhesion Still they are holding up so far. Here are two more.

The final one I stamped and embossed using a heat gun. I was a little nervous about this as I did wonder what the flammable temperature of the baby wipe might be - to be safe I did it next to the sink, but it was fine. I liked the effect of this one so much I decided not to add much in the way of embellishment - the tile hides a splodge of ink I didn't much like! Catch you soon,


gaylemarie said...

Love the texture, what a great idea!

KayG said...

Love Art & Soul, the stamping and layers give it so much depth, so much to look at and the colours are great. :-)

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