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Sunday, 5 April 2009

A few ATCs....

Lots going on this week but I've been hopping from project to project (now there's an image) so not much finished but here are a couple of things that are presentable ...

First of all, the theme at MAMMA last week was Easter - using an 'egg' shaped ATC template. I had this urge to make something with a bit of a depth, so on my base layer I cut out the egg shape and then created a little flowery picture. The background is a piece of 'caught in crystal' I made a while ago (the last bit I have actually, time to get messy again!!) in lovely blues and the flowers are peel-offs (am I bad?) filled with crystal laquer. For the actual egg I used a piece of embossed gold paper and used gluey gold seed beads with small green beads pushed into it - very fiddly and sticky but great fun. Then I started adding little 'diamonds' - just couldn't stop, so this ended up as my tribute to a Faberge egg. Anyhow, we've swapped out now and this is off to Texas.

THE END IS NIGH!!!! or in sight anyway. Have reached Daily Art Card no 357 - here are a couple from this week:


A bit disappointed to the response to the Pay it Forward lottery on my last post. (Thinks - was it because it was April 1st?). Belinda has joined (and you'd be MAD not to sign up for hers as she is a brilliant artist) and good old Trudy will be getting something even though she can't advertise the lottery on her blog (as she hasn't got one lol) as she is one of my best crafting mates and I KNOW her intentions were honourable. But that still leaves two places free.....

so COME ON .......... SIGN UP!!!!!


Viv's Visuals said...

Oh these daily art cards are awesome!
I loved the egg too..... hurray for messy! LOL

Jan said...

Fantastic egg - I love the technique. And, I agree with Viv, your daily art cards are to die for!

gaylemarie said...

LOVE the 'faberge' egg, how fabulous! Your cards are so beautiful too :)
Am afraid I too am blogless and slightly too early in my crafting to be confident of making something lovely enough to send out out, but I do think it's a wonderful idea :)

Cat said...

WOW!! That Easter Egg is amazing!

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