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Monday, 25 May 2009

ACF - Tag

Just a quick post - busy busy busy..... decorating and gardening this weekend. Decided not to entertain but crack on with some chores round the home. It's boring but has to be done. We are moving things round YET AGAIN, so that my son can have my old studio as his bedroom - it is a bigger room and also has built in cupboards so he should end up with plenty of floor space. Well, given he spends so much time in his room we might as well make him comfortable and its a lot cheaper than converting the loft!! He's also on the ground floor and nearer the kitchen so I won't have to trail up the stairs to tell him his breakfast/lunch/dinner is ready (I have been seriously considering installing a bell). But man, I hate painting walls.

(Just read that bit again - sounds like we've got a mansion - really, it's not lol)

But I digress, firstly I just wanted to quickly post a tag I made in response to the ACF challenge. It was a beautiful vintage image with a lovely background - sometimes it seems weird to try and change what we are given!! Anyway this background is quite different to the original one, but I'm not quite sure where my head was!

Secondly, I wanted to announce the MAY GIVE AWAY winner as Lynn. Well done Lynn, I have emailed you.

Finally, any of you who ever visit the DC forum (stop hissing) just to say it is my week to host the nightly challenge, would love to see you there.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all the Brits!!


Lynn said...

Thanks so much Cindy, I am so happy to win your giveaway :)
This tag is lovely, glad you took sometime to be creative on a holiday weekend :)

herminesplace said...

Gorgeous tag!

Cheryl said...

well I love this hun just my cup of tea love cheryl xxxx

Jan said...

LOVE the ACF tag Cindy - great collage and colours

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