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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Challenges - for once

Actually had time to make things for two challenges this week. Firstly for Art Creations Friday, I made an ATC using this image of a lady holding roses. The background card for this ATC was made using watercolour and rock salt. The technique I read said water colour inks, but I don't have any of those so just thoroughly spritzed the paper and smeared with liquid/paste water colour and then added the salt. Easy peasy, and seemed to work OK - I did a few sheets whilst I had the condiments out.

Secondly got 1 entry in to MAMMA Challenge. Think there will be two as I have started another one. The them was a gothic arch ATC with the theme of 'Gypsy'. Well while I was looking around for some images as I could only find a couple in my stash I saw some photos of 'traditional' gypsy caravans (have a google, they are stunning) which gave me the idea of creating a bow top style caravan. Well I think it worked, I made it so that part of the door opened and I used one of my existing images to put a gypsy inside.

I also used some of my salted background paper to create a 4x4 for a trade with Astrid. The image was from a challenge from ACF a couple of weeks ago which unfortunately I never got around to using. She is really pretty. In fact I liked her so much I immediately made another one with the same image!! But like the 2nd gypsy ATC that one s still drying (see I am getting patient in my old age) and will have to be the subject of another post.


vintage wil said...

What a beautiful artwork! great image and colours!!

Stacy said...

Wow, Cindy! They are all beautiful! And such great texture - is that gold embossing on the "salty" background? The gypsy image is really wonderful and I love the way it opens...delightful! Your "old age patience" is really working for you - three gorgeous pieces of art!

Mooneybeams said...

I love the gypsy one too! If there's one good thing about having had my knee done again and being stuck in the house it's having the time to go blog hopping!

Your domino box is lovely too - nice idea to do a giveaway every month - very altruistic!

Femmy said...

beautiful pieces Cindy!! love the backgrounds and colors!!

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