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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pay It Forward - Round 2

Back at the beginning of April, I asked if anyone wanted to take part in the PIF challenge. I had two takers and just thought I would share with you the items that I sent off.

First, for Belinda, I made a little pennant banner, similar to one I made as a giveaway. At the time I had been playing with some coloured UTEE and had various bits and pieces that I had coated or made with it so that kind of set the initial colour scheme, and because those things included a dragonfly and a flower, the theme as well.

I also used some shrink plastic to make the little birds and flowers, and made some jigsaw charms to dangle - do like a good dangly bit lol.

The second person to take part was Trudy, and for her I recycled (or maybe re-vamped is a better expression) an earlier piece to make a wall hanging. Anyhow this is how it turned out.

Now, the idea of the Pay It Forward challenge is this, I promised to send a little crafty surprise sometime before the end of 2009, to the first 3 people who left a comment on my blog.

BUT, to takepart ... they must continue the chain and offer to send a little something to the first 3 people who make a comment on a similar post on their own blogs..

My original post only got two participants, one of whom doesn't have a blog and who will be continuing with the challenge in a different way .... so technically two people can still take part. So, if you want to spread a little happiness around, leave a comment here to that effect and I will be in touch. Soon.


Cheryl said...

I just love what yove made with the shrink plastic I never seem to have much luck with that so I just stick to my stamping and atcs.
Love cheryl xxx

Belinda said...

Thanks again for your gift Cindy, I love it. I must get off my but as I have a few things waiting to go in the mail to people.

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