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Sunday, 15 January 2012

January Art Draw - and Happy New Year to you too!!

Right. First giveaway of the year and I'm late. And I have an idea that is going to make you happy or fall asleep before you get to the end of this post. Still, read on!!

First, two altered slide mailers, one of these will constitute the main prize for this month's art draw. As you can see I've gone a bit oriental in honour of Chinese New Year which this year signifies the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, one of the most auspicious of the chinese zodiac.

The one on the right has an acetate front which may/may not be hard to see from the photo. Lots of gold embossing powder and a bit of gilding flakes. On the reverse there is a chinese proverb/quote (allegedly anyway according to Mr Google).

I am not quite sure what it means but it sounds like pretty good advice, should you happen to know a local dragon.

For the one on the left I got out some sadly neglected embossing paste and a bamboo stencil to decorate the back and front. Came out pretty well (but oh what a mess you can get into!!!)

I used some of my inca gold to highlight and was quite pleased with the result. Finished off the front with the large coin that just happens to have a dragon on. (I don't just throw this stuff together you know).  Inside I have used the slide 'niches' to add some pictures and another inscrutable chinese quote. More good advice to start the year!!

I did get rather carried away with my general paintiness and inkiness - feels like an age since I've had a chance to be messy - and I was doing a bit of 'resist' work because that is the challenge over at TIOT this week. So I also made a CNY tag which will be part of the giveaway and which is my entry to the challenge. I hope the DT at TIOT won't be cross with me for burying it in the middle of this post but I can't be bothered to do it all separately.  The dragon is the resist bit in case it's not obvious!!

Right usual rules apply. If you would like to be entered in to the art draw please make a comment on this post before 9.00 pm on Saturday 4th February. (I am extending it a bit because it is already the 15th, and also I know I won't be able to get to the pc to do the draw before then). International players welcome. please feel free to link from your own blogs.

Now I am going to make it a bit more complicated. The draw will be for 1 slide mailer, unless we get over 30 entries, when there will be two winners. I will also make another tag and box to be fair (it'll never happen!). First drawn will get first choice. Simples?

Oh what the heck, it's New Year and I'm feeling generous. As I say I got carried away and I also have three tags and three ATCs (most but not all are resist technique as well). So the next six new people to 'follow' me will get one of them as a RAK. (We are currently at 147 and, yes, it's really bugging me that that follower tag has not gone over 150 yet!!).
So there are potentially 8 prizes on offer this month and I hope they will tempt you to join in. Don't forget that although you do not need to have a blog of your own I must be able to contact you if you enter. Good Luck, and
Kung Hei Fat Choi!


SusanLotus said...

Your new creations are absolutely stunning! So man ybeautiful pieces of art!

I will link from my page via a gadget.

I hope your month will be a terrific one and take care til next time.

Angy B said...

Happy New Year and Wow!!!
Cindy they are all gorgeous. Someone/two will be very lucky winners. I feel so inspired every time I see your work. Angy xx

CAROL said...

Fantastic pieces, each and every one of them Cindy, how can you bear to part with them x

Michelle said...

Wow CIndy
Just came on here to say thanks for your lovely comments on Lovin' Ink and was blown away. Just love your oriental mail sliders, I've got one to alter for a challenge and I love these so much - might have to do something similar!
Happy New Year
x Michelle

Michelle said...

Hi Cindy
I'm sure I've just left you a comment but cant see it here - maybe I'm loosing my marbles! I've definately been on your blog a minute or so ago....anyway I hadn't realised that you had entered your tag in the TioT challenge and a wonderful creation it is too!
Am I really going mad???? lol

x Michelle

Renee Stien said...

Wow Cindy, you alter these slide mailers better than anyone I know - gorgeous as always! happy chinese new year:)

Viv's Visuals said...

Plant Person your creativity is fabulous.... please send me some - it's so long sice I've done anything significant - these are gorgeous pieces Cindy - all of them. The slide mailers are stunning.

Clarky J said...

These are stunning Cindy - I especially love the tags x Thanks for joining us at TIOT this week x Janet

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Inky painty-ness! You've done some wonderful pieces here today. I don't usually do the "make a mess" type stuff but it sure is enjoyable when I do.

And I love oriental themes, so you rocked the Year of the Dragon.

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Cindy
I have just come over to say thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment, I really appreciate it. I have reciprocated and am following you too and that makes you 150.
Love your project - need to go and have a further nosey around.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

WendyK said...

Fabulous colours Cindy, they are all gorgeous. Happy New Year to you.

maska said...

Happy New Year.
They are gorgeous.

Meggymay said...

Fabulous pieces Cindy, you are generous wanting to part with these beauties. Think I missed this post when blogger was causing me a few problems this month.
Yvonne x

Ann B said...

Glad you are now up to 150 followers - what an achievement. Beautiful slide mailers - I have a few in the drawer so may have to get them out and have a go myself

Jan said...

Your stamping/embossing work is always stunning Cindy...... great to see your slide mailers too... I still have one of yours from years back!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous work as ever Cindy xxx Love that ATC with the bee on!

Lisa x

Birgit said...

Hi Cindy,

It seems that I have come across your blog right in time for your lovely giveaway. :) Your Asian artwork is great -- thanks for the chance to win it.

I also signed up as a new follower, as I am looking forward to seeing your new projects.

Happy creating,

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