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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Is it going to be one of those years? Every birthday card needs a number it seems. We started off with two 21sts on 31st Dec and Jan 5th and this week I have had an 18th, a 21st and an 80th. I was also asked to make another 21st but had to decline as I would not have had time to do it. As it was I used Anna Marie templates and followed her samples pretty closely so I could do them without dithering too much (I still did a bit of dithering). Although it's not my usual type of thing I think the shoe one especially looks really nice. I forgot to photograph the 18th one before I sent it (cupcakes, quite cute), but here are the other two.

Quick plug for the January Art Draw. If you haven't entered already click on the box in the side bar and leave a comment on that post to get your name 'in the hat'.

Best wishes, Cindy


georgina said...

Hi Cindy,love the cards, busy busy you!!!!i am havingtrouble sending e mails to you so wondered if you got your xmas gift,i did thank you for yours and hate the thought you imagined i was not happy or chuffed with it cause i was....luv Georginax

Deborah said...

Both very pretty. Cindy. I think it's good to do something that's out of the ordinary/not your usual style every now and then. Keeps you on your toes :-)

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